Friday, August 29, 2014

On Friday nights & fan girls

It's Friday night and I am hanging at home tonight. It's been a super busy week with long days at work visiting regional centers, followed by hanging with my friends at night. I feel like I've been "on" all week and tonight I just needed some introvert time. I actually had plans to drive to the mall after work today and as I started down the road my eyelids felt heavy and I heard myself say "this is crazy," so I turned around, went back home, and took a nap.

So here I am paying bills, blogging, and flipping through movies on TV. The Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Oceans 11, Julie & Julia, The Lake House.

Oceans 11 reminds me that I still love George and I love Nora Ephron's Julie & Julia.

I posted the above picture of George on my Instagram with hashtag #futureMrsGeorgeClooney because I am that crazy and because there will be a Mrs. Clooney very soon, which was so unexpected, but I am happy for them. The day People Magazine broke the news of Amal and George's engagement my mom texted me to tell me and asked if I was okay. I laughed and then felt strangely sad, because that's what crazy girls do when they have crushes on famous people. Friends later texted me to see how I was doing. It's all kind of hilarious.

In other crazy Carrie pop culture news - Angelina Jolie finally married Brad Pitt. Very happy for them. I hope his parents and her brother were there.

Nice to have a night in and be quiet for a bit. Needed some time to just be and process several things that are happening right now.

From my couch to yours, happy weekend.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On feminism and Beyonce

Today marks the 94th anniversary of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. It's such a monumental day, but I think 94 years later, some people still don't get what women's equality means. 

The way I see it, our generation thinks that women's equality - that feminism - is about sexuality. The right to flaunt one's body and not be objectified, the right to be intimate and not be labeled a slut, the right to own one's body when making decisions about reproduction. I don't disagree (to some extent) that women should be able to act and do with their bodies whatever their male counterparts do. But I am frustrated that women are missing the point. 

Feminism is not about equal sexual freedoms. Feminism is about so much more. 

The rights our suffragette sisters fought for in the early 1900's weren't so we would not be called sluts. They fought for our right to use our brain. To grow and develop as people. To have the same opportunities for land and advancement and votes as our brothers had already. They fought for the right to be seen as more than an object. 

Women have always been objectified. We were in the 1900's and we are today, but back then men did it to us and now women do it to themselves and call it "equality" and "power." We call that feminism. When Beyonce performs on a stage with a pole in a sparkling body suit, while her own spoken word about her right to be sexual plays in the background, all while the word feminism is in bold behind her, that is not feminism. 

Women's equality is supposed to usher in a society that is built around not objectifying anyone, whether a women did it on her own or a man did it to her. 

Historians and scholars say the third wave of feminism hasn't fully happened yet. I'd like the third wave of feminism to be one where women own, embrace, fight for, and defend their brains. I'd like for women themselves to fully realize (and show) that they are more than their bodies; they are their minds. Smart is sexy. But smart also proves that we don't have to strive for sexy any longer. We can strive for brave, intelligent, powerful, entrepreneurial, classy, professional, kind, and wise. 

I'd like us, as a culture, to no longer define Beyonce as the poster woman for feminism. I think Susan B. Anthony would agree.