Monday, December 2, 2013

Carrie-ing on about December

Dear December,

Please go easy on me. You are the month that closes what I have named "the year of change" and there is still one big exciting change left... my sister is getting married. I am incredibly excited for Ashley and Chris to continue their life together and start this next chapter as a married couple in their great town home, with their adorable little puppy, and am honestly looking forward to watching them pledge their life-long commitment to one another in front of all of our loved ones. But please, December, go slowly.

Let me soak in every minute of this month. Let me drive slowly around my neighborhood to gaze at the magic of Christmas lights and smile at the site of lit crosses reminding me of what this Christmas season is really about. Please move slowly through the coming cold temperatures (although it was 75 today, but the weather report says a high of 60 for the rest of this week!). Allow me to soak in last moments as an official family of four and cherish the conversations and laughter. And I pray for a lack of tears and frustration with one another.

Let me enjoy this last month of a year that has brought change to literally every area of my life. I moved into a home with a family where I rent a room, moved out from sharing an apartment with my sister. I got a new boss (technically at the end of 2012, but the effects were mostly in this year) and our department is going through yet another transition. I also got a new job title - Assistant Director of Admissions - and am moving to a new office space at the beginning of the new year. I lost 20 pounds. I started watching less TV. I finally joined a bible study.

Let this last month, December, be a culmination and celebration of all the changes I have had the courage to try this year. Let it be a reminder that God's plans are greater than my own and that His timing is perfect.

December, be a month stored of cherished moments, God-given encouragement, and end 2013 on a positive note of feeling proud of the year, grateful for the lessons, and excited for the fact that 2013 proved - and forced - 2014 to look entirely different. This month, let me continue the positive changes I have made, have a positive strategic mindset for the work challenges to come, and have love, excitement, and patience as I witness my sister become a wife and I gain a brother-in-law. Let there be less tears, more laughter. Less worry, more faith. Less bitterness, more encouragement. Less pessimism, more excitement. But most of all, let me live this month to the fullest and the joy-est and the grateful-est ways that I can.

And please, let there be lots of cold weather (but no rain on Ashley's wedding day in December).


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