Thursday, March 14, 2013

#cubiclelife wisdom

Today a coworker reminded me that I need to live my life. Prioritize my life. Put me first.

I had confessed that sometimes I worry that I should move closer to my family to enjoy every last day with them because some day we will have no more days together.

She told me that makes sense, but that is their life and I have to cultivate mine.

Then I confessed (what is she the new Pope?) that sometimes oftentimes I don't even know what I want in my own life. That if everything was out the window, I would have no clue what to do or which direction to go.

But I also acknowledged that the older I get the more I start to think my life is going in the direction it should, even if it wasn't the direction I expected.

(sorry for my posting absence and I have no promise on when I'll pick it back up regularly  In the meantime, I will post when inspired or want to remember and don't want to use a pencil.)