Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dear Amy: The Bachelor via Twitter

Dear Amy,

I am beyond excited that you want to follow twitter during The Bachelor tomorrow. It is now my favorite thing about the show. The problem I have is that my twitter feed is packed with tweets starting at 5, which is complicated because I can’t watch the show until 8. So, the first thing to know is that most people live tweet on east coast time, so finish the dishes and then be prepared to read hilarious tweets backward until 5. The second is to search and use the hashtag #TheBachelor when tweeting (which you did and I am very proud). 

I may have gone a bit overboard on who you should follow while watching, so I’ll start with the most crucial and then list a bunch of Bachelor alum you can check out if you want more tweets.

Also, remember that you love me, even if I am obsessive about twitter and reality TV.

Here is a list of who to follow while watching The Bachelor…

The basics:

Dana Weiss  @Possessionista – the single most important person to follow. She loves to live tweet The Bachelor and also has become twitter friends with most of the cast and they love her live tweets too. Plus, I love her tweets in general, she is one of my favorites to follow.
Jennifer Weiner   @jenniferweiner – she is an author and LOVES live tweeting the show.
lara cohen  @Larakate – not sure if she will live tweet, but I love her tweets in general and she and Dana often go back and forth.
Andrea Lavinthal  @andilavs – ditto to what I said about Lara.
Sean Lowe  @SeanLowe09 – for obvious reasons (since he is THE bachelor), although it probably won’t be too juicy or funny.
Chris Harrison   @chrisbharrison – also for obvious reasons (and I love him).

These next four people work on the show and tweet often throughout: 

My favorite Bachelor alum to follow on twitter:

Jenna Burke  @TheOverAnalyst – one of my favorite tweeters in general and I am sure she’ll be live tweeting.
Ashley S.  @AshleySpivey – from Brad’s season, writes a blog in review of every episode, and is good friends of many Bachelor alum.
Michelle Money  @MoneyMichelle – the “bad” one from Brad’s season, but now I really like her (mostly because of her tweets).
Ali Fedotowsky   @AliFedotowsky – as in Ali the Bachelorette
DeAnna Stagliano  @DeAnnaPappas – DeAnna the Bachelorette

Other alum to look into:

Molly Mesnick   @MollyMesnick – as Molly and Jason
Kacie Boguskie  @kacielynnb – sweet Kacie B from Ben’s season
Michael Stagliano   @MichaelStag – was on The Bachelorette, but I don’t remember him, however, he was also on both seasons of Bachelor Pad and is a fan favorite for someday being The Bachelor.
William Holman  @WilliamFHolman – also a Bachelor alum from Ashley’s season and I find him witty and sometimes charming.
Emily Maynard   @EmilyMaynard – we’ll see if she tweets since she “broke his heart.”
Trista Sutter   @tristasutter – sometimes she tweets too much and sometimes she annoys me, but she is basically Bachelor royalty.
Natalie Getz  @nataliegetz – also has a write up about every episode (and is a Bachelor alum)

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Amy Fields said...

Dear Carrie,
Wow! Thank you for giving me the scoop! I am so excited to go home tonight and get prepped. I will be sure to let you know who's tweets are my fave. :)