Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 years

Top 10 (or 20) things I’ve learned as an employee:

1. It’s important to know how to use the copy machine.
2. How to craft an email that balances professional, pleading, demanding, and sweet.
3. Organization is everything.
4. Listen to your voicemails every day.
5. You don’t have to respect someone, but you have to be polite.
6. Apologize, but only when it’s truly needed.
7. A “work BFF” makes a world of difference.
8. Only complain to coworkers you trust (those people are your friends).
9. Age has nothing to do with good leadership.
10. Make to do lists.
11. Most decisions are made outside of work (this is networking).
12. Be your own advocate.
13. Keep your integrity at all costs. Do the right thing no matter how risky or unpopular your decision. At the end of the day, you have to know you did everything you could
14. Administrative assistants are the people with the real power. Be nice to them, the office runs because of them.
15. Paychecks really do bring happiness (even though it seems shallow).
16. When you’re angry, take a break.
17. I don’t like to talk work, answer the phone, or make decisions before 9am.
18. Fridays are the longest day of the week.
19.Laughter at the workplace makes a world of difference.
20. Coworkers make or break a job (I’ve been blessed with some really great ones). 

(and now for some seriousness...)

Today marks my 5 year anniversary working at APU. I have learned and grown more in the past 5 years than the last (nearly) 10 years.

I have been forced into adulthood. Discovered how it feels to be independent and make my own way in the world. I have learned better how to make hard decisions, accept things (and people) I cannot change, discovered I like to be strategic and enjoy data, made some lifelong friends, and have learned to fully appreciate the weekend. I’ve grown as a leader, a woman, a friend, and a coworker. The last 5 years have brought hilarious moments, embarrassing mistakes, and so much maturity.

It never ceases to amaze me where I end up in life, what kinds of adventures I take, and the people I find next to me along the way. I did not want to stay at APU when I was in college. I had no intention of staying. I spent three and a half years doing homework and planning my escape. And yet, I’m still here. I’m glad I stayed at APU. I have healed from how horrible and hypocritical parts of APU were for me by staying. I have seen true Christianity and honest people and good intentions. I have made peace with certain people who I never expected to see again – let alone work with –from college. I have made happy memories around campus to cover up the painful ones.

Working at APU gave me my master’s degree, good friends, and learning how to be a leader firsthand. I have found joy again. In college I use to wonder if laughing everyday was something that I was lucky enough to have in high school and I use to pray it would happen for me when I was older, but it happened as an employee. I laugh every day; some more than others, but every day. After high school and leaving San Diego, I wondered if I’d find a support system, and I have again. The last 5 years have built and repaired those parts of me.

So, happy 5th full time, retirement, medical insurance, vacation and sick day anniversary to me. I may not be at APU in 5 more years, but today, I am glad to have been. 

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