Saturday, April 21, 2012

33 years of commitment

Happy anniversary to my parents!

They were married 33 years ago today at ages 23 and 26. Crazy to think that as of next year I will be older than both my parents were when they got married. I heard advice from a woman once (maybe in a book?) who got "advice" about still being single from her mother and the daughter looked and her and said "you've never been single for 27 years, you were married at 22. You don't know what it's like." Isn't that such an interesting perspective? We all know on some level about single-hood and marriage, but we can never know the whole story because we aren't in that same place.

This is true of parents marriage and my non-married status. I am so proud of my parents for being married for 33 years. What an accomplishment! If you ask them the secret to marriage they will say one word: "God." The Lord and their commitment to the Lord is what keeps them married. So important. My parents are a great example of commitment and of keeping God in focus. I have learned a lot about commitment from my parents and will be taking that with me in my own.

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