Saturday, April 21, 2012

33 years of commitment

Happy anniversary to my parents!

They were married 33 years ago today at ages 23 and 26. Crazy to think that as of next year I will be older than both my parents were when they got married. I heard advice from a woman once (maybe in a book?) who got "advice" about still being single from her mother and the daughter looked and her and said "you've never been single for 27 years, you were married at 22. You don't know what it's like." Isn't that such an interesting perspective? We all know on some level about single-hood and marriage, but we can never know the whole story because we aren't in that same place.

This is true of parents marriage and my non-married status. I am so proud of my parents for being married for 33 years. What an accomplishment! If you ask them the secret to marriage they will say one word: "God." The Lord and their commitment to the Lord is what keeps them married. So important. My parents are a great example of commitment and of keeping God in focus. I have learned a lot about commitment from my parents and will be taking that with me in my own.

day dreams

I am in such a dream mood today. 
Dreaming of things I wish I could do or plans I have or the beginnings of a bucket list. 
This happens often to me and I never write them down. 
Maybe I should?

~ take a road trip 
~ go bowling with pizza and beer and some music to dance to
~ take a dance class
~ stay on a farm
~ visit some wide open spaces
~ see Seattle 
~ volunteer in a nursery 
~ live in a sprawling house 
~ write on a front porch with the sun rising 

That's all for today. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Tree Hill

I would not be the TV lover I am if I didn't post about the end of One Tree Hill. Tonight was the finale episode of the series, and although I haven't watched the show for years, and never was a very faithful viewer, I had to tune in tonight. Also, in classic Carrie style, I cried.

This show was so good in it's day, back when the WB was the channel to watch as a teenager with Dawson's Creek, Felicity (my fave), OTH, and at the end of it's run, Related and The Bedford Diaries. Two of my favorite OTH episodes were Nathan and Haley's second wedding and the fourth season finale, which was graduation. I remember I identified so much with the opening episode of season five when they jumped ahead 4 years. I was senior in college then and about the same "age" as the characters in that season.

One Tree Hill always makes me wish that my life was full of everyday relationships with friends from high school. Tonight I really realized that this dream will never happen. It's not a sad realization, just truth. I was insanely blessed to have the friends and high school experience that I had, and shows like One Tree Hill remind me of those days. But we've all moved on and that life will not exist.

OTH also makes me want to live in a small town surrounded by friends and one stop light and knowing everyone's name. Ironically, I was even researching small towns today, so the dream is not just due to OTH. I love the idea of a small town.

So, goodbye to One Tree Hill. I won't really miss it, but am glad to have closure all the same.

(photo from OTH Twitter and here is a great goodbye note by Bethany Joy [Haley]).

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The last 3 months in pictures

 Palm Desert with Ashley. 
 Disneyland with my coworker friends. This picture makes me so happy.
 Stalking Modern Family at Disneyland. 
 My favorite kids: Grant and Amelia. 
 Spending time with Teri and Karen (Cuz). 
 Anne Lamott. 
 Birthday drinks with A and Chris (taking the pic).