Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 10: Things I Learned from The Bachelor

1. Pretty girls finish first.
2. First impressions really do count. 
3. Hot tubs are the secret to romance.
4. True love will happen once you both climb a bridge, jump out of a helicopter, or scale a skyscraper. 
5. Women and cocktails don't mix.
6. Men will always choose beauty over brains. 
7. Women make better decisions than men (the Bachelorettes' relationships always last longer than the Bachelors').
8. Nothing is final until there's a fantasy suite date card.
9. Smart women finish second (or third or fourth). 
10. Chris Harrison is a superhero. 

Bring on The Bachelorette!


Dana said...

My dear Carrie :) Pretty girls may finish first but the truly beautiful ones know that slow and steady wins the race; of course first impressions count (they aren't always right, but they do always count); regarding hot tubs, I've got one word for you: icky; apparently God has a monopoly on true love... His and when the time comes around for it to happen for us; indeed, women and cocktails don't mix; true beauty; of course we do ;) ; how long does this show film for again?; smart women are working on changing that!; and YOU are a superhero!

Amy Fields said...

On women and cocktails not mixing: Great pun, first of all.
Also, I often wonder how many incidents happen on the show due to too much alcohol intake- particularly the dramatic confrontations. Inevitably, the group dates descend into utter chaos due to the amount of drinking they are doing...
Love you and your Bachelor thoughts.