Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dear Amy: Top 10 Mad Men comments (so far... season two)

Dear Amy,

First of all, happy Mad Men Season 5 premier day! Hope you and Andrew are able to watch it (maybe on Hulu?). I don't know, but I did think of you. :) When you do watch it, make yourself a cocktail, no matter the day, each day deserves one... haha, again, too much Mad Men for me today.

I was going to write this to you via FB, but I assume the post would be too long. Also, I love reading your blog letters to me (and your other adoring readers), so here we go...

I just started episode one of season three (of Mad Men). I have many questions and comments for you.

1. Betty is almost my least favorite character.
2. Pete IS my least favorite character. He sucks. He's egotistical, selfish, mean to his wife, and thinks he is smarter than Don and Robert (which is a lie).
3. I still don't know all the account guys names...
4. But, I find the closeted gay guy fascinating... and the cute blonde writer guy...
5. Peggy is my favorite, for so many feminist and good girl reasons.
6. A, I supposed to hate Don? I can't tell... I read and read and still haven't figured that out.
7. I enjoy Joan... and I HATE her fiancee. The rape scene?! Seriously. She should not marry him.
8. Part of me is continuing to watch just to see more of Joan and Roger together.
9. The other part just wants to be "cool."
10. I really like the real Mrs. Draper in CA. I wish the show was about her and when Don visits. He is too mysterious for words.


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Josh, Chrissie, Matthew & Kaylie said...

haha, I like #9 - that's the reason I want to start watching it in the first place - I keep hearing things about it, it's one of the "it" shows right now. Guess I have to sign up for Netflix :-/