Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Oscars

Favorite moments and random thoughts on my favorite day of the year (I really did get more excited for yesterday than for my upcoming birthday on Thursday!)...

Here is my twitter feed of thoughts:

Host with the most: I loved Billy Crystal! I'll admit it lagged a few times, but honestly, Billy just does so well with the show. He's classy and funny and respectful and doesn't take himself too seriously. I hope he hosts many more times.

(photo from here)

Peek-a-Boo body parts: I totally saw J.Lo's sort of nip slip (awkward) before the press mentioned it. Also, you know I adore Angelina, but even I have to admit I wasn't a fan of her protruding leg. Loved her dress though. I also loved how playful and happy she seemed. 

(Emma in her second dress of the evening walking into the Vanity Fair party. Photo from here.)

Best presenters: Emma Stone was hilarious. She is so confident and funny, but also sweet and smart. Love the mix of her many sides. I also have to admit that I enjoyed when Melissa McCarthy and one of her other "Bridesmaids" costar continued the "Scorsese" drinking game joke. 

Most shocking moment: When Viola Davis did not win for Best Actress. Ironically, it was one of my ballot votes that I felt most sure of, as were many. I think Viola was robbed by the Academy. I was very disappointed, but of course I love Meryl, I just think we need to share the Oscar love. 

(from here)

Best speech: Meryl Streep thanking her beloved husband and good friends. I love her and she is such a class act. 

(from here)

Girl I'm most jealous of: Stacy Keibler. Obviously. 

(found here)

Best dressed and latest actress I'm obsessed with: Jessica Chastain. She is lovely and gorgeous and seems so kind and naive. I also think she's a fantastic actress. 

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