Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sushi Saturday

Yesterday, I went to a Korean market with my friend Reiko. The only other "ethnic market" I've ever been to is a Mexican market back home for delicious carne asada. I told Reiko it would be an adventure and not to leave me. ha. 

The Korean market reminded me of Costco with it's samples, rows and rows of food (none of which I could read, except the fine English print), and lots of people. I tried every sample I could and really enjoyed them all. I saw some interesting things, most interesting was a frozen chicken WITH it's head still attached! Gross. But fascinating. 

In true adventure fashion, I got in trouble by the cashier at the Korean market. Sad day. There was a large Hello Kitty display, which I thought was hilariously stereotypical, and I wanted to take a picture. Apparently that is against the rules. The cashier caught me and said no pictures were allowed... and then I lied. Not my proudest moment. I lied and said I didn't take one, but here it is...

Then I apologized to Reiko about lying. Needless to say, we had an adventure. 

Later, Reiko and I went to Teri's house to have a TV show marathon of Downton Abbey and made sushi for dinner. 

It was wonderful. 

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