Monday, January 23, 2012

Sick day haters

I have a problem where people in my life make me feel very guilty for taking sick days. I am often told I take too many sick days or should take vitamins or need to work on my attendance... and yet, these same people often admit that I have an excellent work ethic, get things done quickly, and always do my best. Can the two opinions actually exist? 

My counselor is always reminding me to realize and accept that it's "their problem, not mine," but I am not very good at that. I seek approval and support in my actions and decisions. This is why I've never truly rebelled. I have too much guilt and seek to people please like it's second hand nature. True rebellion would be to claim a sick day and go on a road trip or to Disneyland or to San Diego. I can honestly tell you I've never done this. Never. Okay... I took part in senior ditch day eight years ago, but that's it. 

So, to you people who make me feel bad for my numerous sick days, GET OVER IT. Leave me alone, or better yet, bring me some soup, a magazine, a get well text or some other way to say you believe me. If you don't think I am normally a liar, then why can't you let me stay inside in peace and believe me? Until I can learn to say"that's your problem," you need to learn to respect my decisions. 

Please and thank you. 

(photo from pintrest). 


Josh, Chrissie, Matthew & Kaylie said...

I love that you had to include in the fine-print that you took advantage of senior ditch day, lol :) Sorry you're sick :(

Amy Fields said...

I also love that "true rebellion" is taking a sick day for something fun. That is great. If I ever get brave enough to do it, I will let you know about my true rebellion! :) Love you! Also, feel better.