Thursday, January 5, 2012

January: week one

The first week of January is starting slow and easy, which is hopefully a good sign about 2012. I heard on Twitter the other day (which we know is a very reliable source) that the first 12 days of a year indicates how the whole year will be... Do you believe this? I don't, but if it's true, then this week is a good sign. 

I am home today with cramps... great first week back to work by taking a sick day already. Boo! But, I am hopeful to feel less guilty about life in 2012, so I am going to enjoy this metal health day full of resting on a heating pad and taking a pause in my week. So far today is great because there is a Real Housewives of Orange County marathon on Bravo (best channel ever) and the Kindle Fire online support chat guy flirted with me, so that's a good sick day, right? 

(there really is a need for a sarcasm font).

I just read my BFF Amy's latest blog post (personal note to come, my Amy) and she wrote about New Year's resolutions. I am typically anti-resolution, but I really have started this year and week with goals, so maybe my mind set is changing. The overall goal with the goals (see, I can be Type A) is that if I don't make them, it is okay. 2012 will be a year of grace on myself. No guilt, no expectations, use the word "no" more often. Be gentle with myself and view each day as a new day to try. Don't add up all the failures and hang them over your own head. Close each day and start the next one with a clean slate. In many ways, it is the way God loves us too. His mercies are new every morning and we have a new opportunity to live life obediently for Him, so why not treat myself the same way He does? That is my 2012 mindset. 

So, my resolutions this year are just goals that I will consider each day/week and see what happens (yep, no longer Type A):
- go to church (this goal mindset takes away all the pressure to "find" a church, I need to just show up at some and then take that next step of finding one to call my own... personal pressure will never get me in the door).
- eat less, move more
- think about a doctorate degree
- read more (thanks for the Kindle, Mom!) 
- be financially healthy

Now excuse me, that marathon is calling my name... 

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Amy Fields said...

Love the healthy approach for the year and also love the shout-out and response to my blog. Also love the goals. I will be praying you find a church that lovingly teaches you more and more about those mercies being new every morning. :)
Yeah, I miss you a lot.