Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear women of TV

Dear women of The (current) Bachelor,
     I am speechless. I am embarrassed. I am sad. You ladies women are being ridiculous. You are being snide, rude, hurtful, and making a spectacle of women every where. I defend this show, and my obsession with it, every week and I am proud to do so, but this season - especially tonight - is leaving me with nothing to defend. 
     For example, in tonight's episode, you were horrible to Shawntel. You judged a woman based on nothing. Called her bad names, embarrassed her, and were cold. No one deserves to be treated that way, especially when she has done nothing to deserve it. Also, on the group date, you all skied down fake snow in BIKINIS in public. Seriously? 
     I am disgusted. I don't think any of you should be on the show. I think you might be my least favorite group of women on a season so far. 
     Also, Ben, I think you should have kept Shawntel for at least one more week. The fact that you two enjoyed one another's company outside of the show is probably a good sign for a long relationship. 
Love, Carrie

Tonight added to a topic I've been thinking about all weekend... Last night we all watched the Golden Globes. Today, we all (me included) judge the outfits the women wore. We judged their hair, their make up, and the outfits they bravely chose to wear to a place surrounded by every media type in the country and much of the world. No one woke up this morning to discuss how bad Brad Pitt's hair looked, they woke up to bash Sarah Michelle Gellar's dress. 

Award season is praising the movie Bridesmaids, which I have not seen, but they praise it because it "proves women are as funny as men." They (the critics and happy viewers) say women have proven that they too can make fart jokes and have crude humor. But why do we want this? This is not the kind of "equality" I support. Why should anyone make successful movies about farting and crude jokes and lewd behavior? I wish we were better than that

And now tonight, while watching The Bachelor and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (which I plan to watch later), I am seeing proof that we are going backward as a society and in our view of women. And we, women, need to step up. We need to respect one another, praise one another, encourage one another, and support one another. We need to stop behaving badly for ratings. Stop sexually exploiting yourself by wearing bikinis in the fake snow and cleavage baring dresses. Stop kissing men on the first date. Stop talking shit about other women behind their backs or to their face. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Educate yourself. Mentor a younger woman. Be classy. Say kind words. Wear a turtle neck. Respect yourself


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