Monday, January 9, 2012

Bachelor interrupted

Okay, so got to be honest, I'm not loving The Bachelor tonight and I blame Downton Abbey. I spent all of Saturday re-watching season one and last night watched (most) of the first episode of season two. Downton Abbey is quality television. The Bachelor - although I love it - is not. 

Five thoughts on tonight's Bachelor episode:

1. Ben is really growing on me. He is intelligent and goofy and sweet and in-touch with his emotions. 

2. I want Ben to choose Kacie. Hands down. Their first date was adorable, honest, bonding, sweet, and romantic. Definitely the best date (both in sharing and set up) was the best Bachelor date ever. Kacie is a sweetheart and she and Ben seem so comfortable already.

3. Not a fan of Courtney and incredibly disappointed that Ben seems really into her. 

4. It never ceases to amaze me that these women are my same age. Can they really feel that love passed them by already? 

5. I hate when women who already have a rose spend time with The Bachelor during the cocktail hour(s), they are already safe. Ugh. So not classy. (Yes, I mean Blakeley during tonight's episode). 

So, of course I will keep watching The Bachelor, but do me a favor and start watching Downton Abbey! You'll love it. Now I am going to watch some Bravo and see if it heals the bad reality TV taste in my mouth tonight. 

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