Monday, January 2, 2012

Bachelor Ben

First thoughts...

I will never understand why all the rejected girls bawl when they get rejected on the first night. Don't cry until you get rejected when you're in the top 10! 

Bad entrances: the girl who said nothing and the girl who walked around the circle, what were they thinking?!

I did like the horse entrance and the Grandma entrance. Great ideas. 

What the heck was Ben thinking by keeping Monica the sort of lesbian?! She is a bit crazy... falling for one of the women on the first night and admitting she feels nothing for Ben. Strike one for him. 

And blogger Jenna? I told my sister she was drama when we watched her bio and I so badly wanted to like her. Can't wait to see what happens with her this season!

During the whole cocktail party, Ash and I kept commenting that Patti Stanger (the Millionaire Matchmaker) needed to come whip the women into shape and remind them of the two drink maximum! 

Here's so another dramatic season of The Bachelor, full of cleavage, cocktails, and crazy!

(photo here). 

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