Monday, January 23, 2012

Sick day haters

I have a problem where people in my life make me feel very guilty for taking sick days. I am often told I take too many sick days or should take vitamins or need to work on my attendance... and yet, these same people often admit that I have an excellent work ethic, get things done quickly, and always do my best. Can the two opinions actually exist? 

My counselor is always reminding me to realize and accept that it's "their problem, not mine," but I am not very good at that. I seek approval and support in my actions and decisions. This is why I've never truly rebelled. I have too much guilt and seek to people please like it's second hand nature. True rebellion would be to claim a sick day and go on a road trip or to Disneyland or to San Diego. I can honestly tell you I've never done this. Never. Okay... I took part in senior ditch day eight years ago, but that's it. 

So, to you people who make me feel bad for my numerous sick days, GET OVER IT. Leave me alone, or better yet, bring me some soup, a magazine, a get well text or some other way to say you believe me. If you don't think I am normally a liar, then why can't you let me stay inside in peace and believe me? Until I can learn to say"that's your problem," you need to learn to respect my decisions. 

Please and thank you. 

(photo from pintrest). 

Friday, January 20, 2012

January: week three

This week has been so busy that it felt like a five day week and not a four day week! But it was a good one all the same. I got together with great friends, spent time with my sister, have a cold, and got good (and big) news at work. This weekend I am feeling under the weather, so I plan to watch loads of TV and stay cozy. 

There was a lot of work news that is too boring political complicated to really share. BUT, the exciting part is that I also received news I got a title addition and a raise. I'm not saying this to brag, but just to say that I learned a good lesson in the process. I learned you really do have to be your own advocate. It took months of prayer, nerves, advice, and research to get the balls courage to ask my boss for the new title and more money. I wrote my first proposal and everything. It was a great growing experience (and reward) to discover that it's okay to take risks and respect yourself enough to ask for what you feel you deserve. Of course, I had to be sure I had done my homework, worked hard, and could defend my request before I could claim it was deserved. I was thankful to get the good news, but I was more proud of myself for being brave, prepared, and so "corporate". 

So that's the update from my corner of the world. Happy Friday!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear women of TV

Dear women of The (current) Bachelor,
     I am speechless. I am embarrassed. I am sad. You ladies women are being ridiculous. You are being snide, rude, hurtful, and making a spectacle of women every where. I defend this show, and my obsession with it, every week and I am proud to do so, but this season - especially tonight - is leaving me with nothing to defend. 
     For example, in tonight's episode, you were horrible to Shawntel. You judged a woman based on nothing. Called her bad names, embarrassed her, and were cold. No one deserves to be treated that way, especially when she has done nothing to deserve it. Also, on the group date, you all skied down fake snow in BIKINIS in public. Seriously? 
     I am disgusted. I don't think any of you should be on the show. I think you might be my least favorite group of women on a season so far. 
     Also, Ben, I think you should have kept Shawntel for at least one more week. The fact that you two enjoyed one another's company outside of the show is probably a good sign for a long relationship. 
Love, Carrie

Tonight added to a topic I've been thinking about all weekend... Last night we all watched the Golden Globes. Today, we all (me included) judge the outfits the women wore. We judged their hair, their make up, and the outfits they bravely chose to wear to a place surrounded by every media type in the country and much of the world. No one woke up this morning to discuss how bad Brad Pitt's hair looked, they woke up to bash Sarah Michelle Gellar's dress. 

Award season is praising the movie Bridesmaids, which I have not seen, but they praise it because it "proves women are as funny as men." They (the critics and happy viewers) say women have proven that they too can make fart jokes and have crude humor. But why do we want this? This is not the kind of "equality" I support. Why should anyone make successful movies about farting and crude jokes and lewd behavior? I wish we were better than that

And now tonight, while watching The Bachelor and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (which I plan to watch later), I am seeing proof that we are going backward as a society and in our view of women. And we, women, need to step up. We need to respect one another, praise one another, encourage one another, and support one another. We need to stop behaving badly for ratings. Stop sexually exploiting yourself by wearing bikinis in the fake snow and cleavage baring dresses. Stop kissing men on the first date. Stop talking shit about other women behind their backs or to their face. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Educate yourself. Mentor a younger woman. Be classy. Say kind words. Wear a turtle neck. Respect yourself


2012 Golden Globes Moments

Worst host: I really can't stand Ricky Gervais 

Movie I need to see: The Artist, because it will win the Oscar for Best Picture. 

Best dressed: I wasn't obsessed with any of the looks or dresses because I hate red lips, shinny faces, fishtail dresses and leg slits in dresses. But, my favorite was Jessica Alba.

Second runners up: Stacey, Claire, Deborah, Angelina

Biggest fashion disappointments: Lea and Reese (both of whom I always love)

Cutest couple: duet between Felicity Huffman and William H Macy, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Channing Tatum

Best acceptance speech: Michelle Williams and Claire Danes (because they both mentioned family as the most important)

Funniest moments: George Clooney presenting Moneyball by mocking Brad Pitt's cane (love their bro-mance), Jesse Tyler Ferguson's "whatever" sign as his costar was listed as a nominee for best actor in a comedy show.

Missed opportunity: George should have walked Meryl her glasses up to her, how great would that moment have been?

Best host: George Clooney. Doesn't it always seem like it's his party? I love that about him. 

Did you notice: Angie stood up for Meryl's win, Leo always looks like he's genuinely paying attention, Meryl shouted out to Viola, the sweet mother daughter pride between Andie Macdowel and her Miss Golden Globes daughter. 

Overall, I thought the show was okay, but let's hope the Oscars are better. 

(most photos from People).

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bachelor interrupted

Okay, so got to be honest, I'm not loving The Bachelor tonight and I blame Downton Abbey. I spent all of Saturday re-watching season one and last night watched (most) of the first episode of season two. Downton Abbey is quality television. The Bachelor - although I love it - is not. 

Five thoughts on tonight's Bachelor episode:

1. Ben is really growing on me. He is intelligent and goofy and sweet and in-touch with his emotions. 

2. I want Ben to choose Kacie. Hands down. Their first date was adorable, honest, bonding, sweet, and romantic. Definitely the best date (both in sharing and set up) was the best Bachelor date ever. Kacie is a sweetheart and she and Ben seem so comfortable already.

3. Not a fan of Courtney and incredibly disappointed that Ben seems really into her. 

4. It never ceases to amaze me that these women are my same age. Can they really feel that love passed them by already? 

5. I hate when women who already have a rose spend time with The Bachelor during the cocktail hour(s), they are already safe. Ugh. So not classy. (Yes, I mean Blakeley during tonight's episode). 

So, of course I will keep watching The Bachelor, but do me a favor and start watching Downton Abbey! You'll love it. Now I am going to watch some Bravo and see if it heals the bad reality TV taste in my mouth tonight. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sushi Saturday

Yesterday, I went to a Korean market with my friend Reiko. The only other "ethnic market" I've ever been to is a Mexican market back home for delicious carne asada. I told Reiko it would be an adventure and not to leave me. ha. 

The Korean market reminded me of Costco with it's samples, rows and rows of food (none of which I could read, except the fine English print), and lots of people. I tried every sample I could and really enjoyed them all. I saw some interesting things, most interesting was a frozen chicken WITH it's head still attached! Gross. But fascinating. 

In true adventure fashion, I got in trouble by the cashier at the Korean market. Sad day. There was a large Hello Kitty display, which I thought was hilariously stereotypical, and I wanted to take a picture. Apparently that is against the rules. The cashier caught me and said no pictures were allowed... and then I lied. Not my proudest moment. I lied and said I didn't take one, but here it is...

Then I apologized to Reiko about lying. Needless to say, we had an adventure. 

Later, Reiko and I went to Teri's house to have a TV show marathon of Downton Abbey and made sushi for dinner. 

It was wonderful. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ryan Seacrest is hiring

Um, why is this not my job?! Too bad I am not an undergrad looking for an internship. This would be my dream job (or at least dream starter job).

Position listed here. If you apply and get it, please tell me everything about it and get me a job there. Thanks. 

January: week one

The first week of January is starting slow and easy, which is hopefully a good sign about 2012. I heard on Twitter the other day (which we know is a very reliable source) that the first 12 days of a year indicates how the whole year will be... Do you believe this? I don't, but if it's true, then this week is a good sign. 

I am home today with cramps... great first week back to work by taking a sick day already. Boo! But, I am hopeful to feel less guilty about life in 2012, so I am going to enjoy this metal health day full of resting on a heating pad and taking a pause in my week. So far today is great because there is a Real Housewives of Orange County marathon on Bravo (best channel ever) and the Kindle Fire online support chat guy flirted with me, so that's a good sick day, right? 

(there really is a need for a sarcasm font).

I just read my BFF Amy's latest blog post (personal note to come, my Amy) and she wrote about New Year's resolutions. I am typically anti-resolution, but I really have started this year and week with goals, so maybe my mind set is changing. The overall goal with the goals (see, I can be Type A) is that if I don't make them, it is okay. 2012 will be a year of grace on myself. No guilt, no expectations, use the word "no" more often. Be gentle with myself and view each day as a new day to try. Don't add up all the failures and hang them over your own head. Close each day and start the next one with a clean slate. In many ways, it is the way God loves us too. His mercies are new every morning and we have a new opportunity to live life obediently for Him, so why not treat myself the same way He does? That is my 2012 mindset. 

So, my resolutions this year are just goals that I will consider each day/week and see what happens (yep, no longer Type A):
- go to church (this goal mindset takes away all the pressure to "find" a church, I need to just show up at some and then take that next step of finding one to call my own... personal pressure will never get me in the door).
- eat less, move more
- think about a doctorate degree
- read more (thanks for the Kindle, Mom!) 
- be financially healthy

Now excuse me, that marathon is calling my name... 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bachelor Ben

First thoughts...

I will never understand why all the rejected girls bawl when they get rejected on the first night. Don't cry until you get rejected when you're in the top 10! 

Bad entrances: the girl who said nothing and the girl who walked around the circle, what were they thinking?!

I did like the horse entrance and the Grandma entrance. Great ideas. 

What the heck was Ben thinking by keeping Monica the sort of lesbian?! She is a bit crazy... falling for one of the women on the first night and admitting she feels nothing for Ben. Strike one for him. 

And blogger Jenna? I told my sister she was drama when we watched her bio and I so badly wanted to like her. Can't wait to see what happens with her this season!

During the whole cocktail party, Ash and I kept commenting that Patti Stanger (the Millionaire Matchmaker) needed to come whip the women into shape and remind them of the two drink maximum! 

Here's so another dramatic season of The Bachelor, full of cleavage, cocktails, and crazy!

(photo here).