Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas: Disneyland, Big Bear, & Newport

Happy and merry! 

I have been enjoying having this whole week off from work and spending time with family and friends. Here is what I've been up to... 

Disneyland on the 22nd.

Big Bear for Christmas with the entire Tilton family. Loved seeing snow! I am not used to it and it was incredibly beautiful! I even made a snow angel. 

Newport and Balboa with my friends Teri and Teri (we make the Teri, Teri, and Carrie show!). 

While there, we saw DIANE KEATON! 

I like to say we all watched "We Bought A Zoo" together, even though she didn't exactly sit with us... she was seeing that movie. I literally gasped "Oh my gosh!" out loud when she came out of the restroom right in front of us. Honestly, we heard she was at the movies, and I guessed it was ours, so we didn't leave hoping to see her, and then we stayed until she and her friends and family drove away. Diane was very happy and full of laughter and smiles. People really left her alone, except one guy who asked "are you Diane Keaton?" and she stomped her foot, smiled, and said "ohhh! yes, I am." Later, she and her family/friends discussed where to go for dinner. She drove away in a black Range Rover with her son and his friend/cousin both safely in the back seat. Best moment of the week. I was speechless for a bit! 

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