Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blustery day

(the tree that fell outside the entrance to my work). 

Wooo! It is windy here! It has been Winnie the Pooh blustery. I swear that last night I thought my windows would bust open and I would fly into the sky. The sound it makes is the worst. I was up half the night listening to it and wondering if it would be as bad on the way to work (since I have a very light and small rental car right now). 

Driving to work, the winds had calmed, but there was debris every where. I swerved (slowly) many times to avoid tree branches and many stop lights were out. The local school districts and universities cancelled school, but of course, my institution did not. I am praying they will tomorrow, because tonight is supposed to be worse than last. 

The Santa Ana winds have never been this bad. I am not a fan of the Santa Ana winds. To me they mean fire season and dry skin. But I do have one romantic thought about them due to the movie White Oleander (one of my favorite movies). In the movie, the main character says that when she was younger her mother would ask her what she'd pack if the winds changed and fire threatened their house. Her mom told her if she was brave she wouldn't pack anything. That line has always stuck with me. 

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