Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The way it feels to be home

The way I know the roads without really seeing them. 
The way I park the car in the street.
The way the curve around the corner makes the corner of my mouth turn up.
The way I breathe when I open the door.
The way the windows glow.
The way the chair holds the pillow.
The way Lucy's tail wags.
The way I stop to pet her before even closing the front door.
The way it feels to hug my parents.
The way nothing has changed.
The way I notice a piece has shifted.
The way my room looks.
The way my bed feels.
The way I curl up to cuddle.
The way I go to bed early.
The way I fall asleep feeling safe. 
The way the shower feels foreign.
The way the carpet feels under my feet.
The way the door sounds when it closes.
The way it smells familiar.
The way the sounds surround me.
The way the pictures comfort me.
The way it's exactly the same and completely different.
The way it feels to be home.  

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