Thursday, November 3, 2011

Guilt disease

I have a disease, it's called GUILT. 

(definition found here). 

Overview: a condition of the entire self that causes insecurity, tears, anger, depression, and uncertainty. Can affect any age and gender, may be genetic, may also be contagious. Affects most people between ages six and death. Guilt causes frustration in self and others, paranoia, and missed opportunities. May lead to living life out of fear, living life according to others and ignoring oneself.   

Symptoms: people pleasing, perfectionism, insecurity, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and frustration. 

Diagnosis: Guilt is the product of trying to please others. It is often a symptom of perfectionists and those trying to keep people happy. It occurs when a person stops listening to themselves and what they want and starts listening to others and their own "could's, would's, should's." It also happens when a person feels there is no right answer, or easy decision, to be made. 

Treatment: Prayer. Listening to one's self. Learning to differentiate between real and false interpretations of situations. Talking to trusted friends or counselors. Letting go. 

Managing: Pro and con lists may help identify decision-making factors. Sleep always helps relieve pressure and stress, which calms guilt. Asking for advice and listening to your intuition. People who learn to manage guilt lead much healthier and happier lives.  

(a fun WebMD-like post because I am fueled by guilt today). 

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Anonymous said...

Remember treatment for Guilt can also be found in the scripture. Search it out and found out who you are in Christ, repeat what God's word says about you, and the guilt will subside. :) Love you!