Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yesterday I met author Lauren Winner. I recently finished her book "Girl Meets God" for an undergraduate book club I help lead (and really enjoyed it). Lauren was so smart and quirky. She was exactly what I expected and yet so different than I expected. In her book, she is honest and incredibly intelligent and warm. In person, she is even smarter, with a big vocabulary and vast knowledge of many topics. 

Listening to her speak reminded me of when I went to meet Anne Lamott. Both are quirky and witty and very smart. Both intimidate me with their intelligence and vocabulary. Both are not very into fashion or make up (but beautiful). It's as if they are so focused on what is in their head (brilliance), that the outer appearance is much less important. I love that about them. Each is a very strong, smart, accomplished woman. 

It is fascinating to meet people whose words have affected and changed your own life. They are so normal and so profound that you can't help but analyze their every move and word. It makes me wonder what other writers are like. It also makes me want to be one. 

Speaking of being a writer, I wrote a piece for my friend's great website, All Groan Up, and would love for you to check it out here.  

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Amy Fields said...

I am reading Winner's book Mudhouse Sabbath with a book group. It's really good! Love that you love her. Also, her book Real Sex, about chastity is incredibly good and refreshing look at the practice of being chaste.
Wish we could talk more about books together.
Also, once again, so proud of you for being published!