Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Accidents happen

(love Google's picture for today honoring Mark Twain and showing Tom Sawyer) 

This morning, while peacefully (and two minutes late) driving to work, I was rear ended at a stop light. I am fine (thank God), no one was hurt. Strangely enough, I wasn't even angry when it happened. Is that weird? I literally just thought "welp, here we go." That was it. I am still fascinated by my own response. 

(about the word "welp," this is a weird word that I rarely say aloud - for obvious reasons - but often think in my head)

The second interesting thing about the accident is that my first thoughts were about work. This is either insanely pathetic or qualifies me to get employee of the quarter for an entire year. Thought 1: "welp (there's that word again), there goes my student worker project for today. Thought 2: do you think work will call me to see why I'm so late? Thought 3: How mad will my boss be that I have to skip out today? Thought 4: I am not taking today off. Thought 5: I should call in and tell them I'll be late. 

Are any of those thoughts normal when you've been in an accident? I should have thought "thank God, I'm okay" or "I need to call my Dad" or "write down this man's license plate" or even "where is a cute police officer when you need one?" Of course, I did think all of those thoughts later (some much much later... like the hot cop, because he really wasn't needed.. although maybe a handsome guy in uniform is always wanted needed?). 

One of my other thoughts was relief that I could go to work and be comforted and helped by some wonderful women who I am so thankful for! My coworker, Cindy, even drove me to the collision repair shop. I am seriously blessed with some of my coworkers. 

My great sister drove me to get a rental car. And, my Dad, was an example of what every Dad should be in a daughter's crisis (as I knew he would be... my Dad excels in crisis mode). He helped me figure out what steps to take, let me do it on my own, and at the end of one of our (six) phone conversations ended the call by saying "you're doing great." That alone made the whole day worth it. 

Ironically enough, the man who hit me works where I work. I was nervous about driving the rental car, but actually really love it. And, the day really showed me how loved and cared for I am, which makes me so thankful for God's provision. 

Now, I am finishing this crazy unexpected day with a muscle relaxer for my back (thanks, Aunt Sue!) and literally laughing until I cry while watching today's The Chew. 

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