Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On teaching

Today I presented my master's capstone project about women in leadership to an undergraduate leadership class. This is the second semester I've had this opportunity. One of my former professors asked me (God bless him). I really appreciate the opportunity and I love talking about a subject I love. 

The experience is always a bit nerve wracking, intimidating, and exhilarating. I am learning to be a bit more comfortable and I've learned that I much prefer answering questions and discussing than just presenting (which is exactly what kind of student I am). Both times I've talks to the class there is always one token guy who agrees with what I am saying and asks real questions and starts a dialogue I would love to continue. There's also a token girl, both times, who looks at me and asks about the idea that women were created by God to be helpers and not leaders. It is an honest question, so I appreciate and respect it. Both times, there are those students who have glazed over eyes and are probably thinking about how ridiculous it is that they are listening to me speak. It is a fascinating dynamic. 

And, I think I love it. 

I love trying to teach these students about something that matters. I love trying to start dialogues. I love that when I leave I feel invested in them and responsible for their growth. I also love talking about women in leadership and gender and organizational ethics. 

I just love academia. There really is no denying that fact. 

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