Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New York City!

I would have blogged about my lovely trip to NYC sooner, but I took way too many pictures and then had to choose a small number for this blog! 

It was a great trip. I wasn't as sad to leave this time, but still considered moving there. I mostly enjoyed spending time with my parents and loved being able to see other loved ones while visiting! 

Here is some of what I did... 

Survived the flight.

Spent the first day with my cousins Katie and Megan. 

Ate and shopped at Eataly... It was amazing. Definitely the best meal of the whole trip. 

Spent time with my cousin, Julie, at Eataly.

Went to Rockefeller Center and they were having a special USA fire fighter exhibit. 

Visited St. Thomas and St. Patrick's cathedrals. These pictures are from St. Thomas. I took tons. It was beautiful. The statue of Mary and Jesus was amazing and so moving. I loved it. 

Ate at the Central Park Boathouse. Really loved being there. 

Visited my favorite future house. Love this home so much. I see it nearly every time I visit. Don't you love the red door? I try to imagine what it must look like inside. 

Visited Times Square. It really has a magic all its own apart from the City in general. My Dad and I went to the M&M store, which feels more like a small amusement park. It was really cool. 

Looked out the window of our hotel... often. 

Stalked the people in the offices across the street. Imagined what they do and how it would be to live in the City. 

The weather was three of the four seasons while we were there. It was 85 the first two days and then 75 and then rainy and high 60's. This picture is of how bright it was one night because the lights of the tall buildings were reflecting off the clouds and illuminated the night. It was amazing. 

I went to see The Ides of March, which was playing across the street, at the same theater where the premier was held (meaning George Clooney and I have stood in the same place... haha). I gave the movie a 6.5 out of 10, but Ryan Gosling was incredible. He makes the movie. 

Met up for lunch with my friend, Anna. we've been friends since we were in junior high and it was great to get to see one another since we've lived in separate states for about ten years. 

I explored Central Park for a couple hours and took nearly 100 pictures. It is still my favorite place in the whole city. It is beautiful and peaceful and unique. While I was there, I saw joggers, tourists, two little kids racing around, a few people meeting for an art class, and there was a man playing the saxophone. It was a wonderful end to my trip. 


Jan said...

We mostly enjoyed being with you, too! :)

Amy Fields said...

Glad you had fun! Looks amazing. Although I am confused about which 3 seasons those were? I only counted summer and fall? What were you getting? haha. Love you!

Stephanie said...

Carrie - I felt transported to New York by your words and your photos. Thanks so much for sharing. I'll have Larry call and blame you when I book tickets next week for us to go there....

Anonymous said...

So, Amber and I just looked through your travels and we both agreed that you should take us along on your next trip! After all, you know your way around by now!! You look wonderful in New York!


Aunt Karen said...

Carrie, What wonderful words and pictures! Thanks so much! I'd love to visit all of that someday too. Glad you could spend quality time with your new cousins.