Sunday, September 4, 2011

Little Women

This weekend I watched the 1949 version of "Little Women" (starring the wonderful pair of Peter Lawford and June Allyson) and I realized why I turned out the way I am! My mom raised my sister and I on Little Women (among other great movies). We loved both versions growing up and still watch the newer one often. 

The movie is so me! Topics of women's rights, closeness of family, and writing. I am more like Jo then I realized. I used to think I was Beth (or at least wished to be like her) and then thought maybe I was Meg, the wise oldest daughter who marries the smart Mr. Brook. But, I am Jo, which is a good thing. She is smart and independent, cares about equality, and just wants to keep her family close. I can relate to all of these things.

Every time I watch the movie it breaks my heart that Laurie and Jo don't end up together. You know how some people say that every time they watch a movie or read a book they still hope for a different ending? That is me every time I watch Little Women. It breaks my heart that Laurie marries Amy (my least favorite sister) and doesn't just pine after Jo for his whole life. Not to mention, how could Amy trust that Laurie didn't still love Jo? I've always wondered that too.

Watch it. It's wonderful.

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