Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am hoping this post is better late than never, but it seems to me that the moment has passed. However, for my loyal readers (shout out to Michaela and Sonya), here is my Emmy rundown...

Favorite moment: the fake pageant with the nominees for best actress in a comedy. Loved that Amy Poehler led the group in going on stage. It was so unexpected and hilarious. I loved that Melissa McCarthy won as well! Loved her in Gilmore Girls and glad to see her getting some recognition.

Favorite win: Downton Abbey! I was so glad to see a Masterpiece theater selection win for so many movie/miniseries categories. Almost gives me more faith in humanity Hollywood that PBS can win over HBO (it's all very David and Goliath). Hope to see more of that (the show and the win). If you haven't seen Downton Abbey and you like period pieces, you need to rent it!

Favorite dresses: I enjoyed seeing all the high necks and cap sleeves this year! I also loved all the red.

As usual, Lea Michele was my favorite, because I do look to her as a fashion icon.

Kate Winslet also rocked the red.

And, strangely enough, I really like Amy Poehler's dress too (but for me, in a different color).

As well as Dianna Argon’s (from Glee).

And, although I didn't necessarily notice their fashion, the Charlie's Angles actresses were gorgeous and definitely having them walk the red carpet together was great marketing (yes, I am taping that tomorrow).

Favorite speeches: None really stood out that much for me, but I am always glad to listen to speeches by Julianna Margulies and Kate Winslet. They are so classy and well-educated. I am always impressed by them as women.

Favorite celebrities: Claire Danes. Kate Winslet. Lea Michele. Katie Holmes. Love when movie actors grace the Emmy’s.  


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