Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hair today

I am embarrassed to write this blog post, because I so don't like being this girl. But, here is a hair post... I am done with my hair. I miss my bangs. I hate wondering if my hair is still styled throughout the day. I hate waiting for the wind to pass.

I try to be very low maintenance with my hair and I have been looking at hairstyles all week and reading about the right styles for face shape and weight of person and type of hair. 

This was me with bangs... I don't want them like this where it is blunt and straight with no real style.

This is me now... starts out great in the morning and then turns in to the other...

These are my current inspirations...

It started with this gorgeous style

I want this length: (Amanda Peet on the far right)

Love these stylish bangs

Still want to be able to pull my hair in a ponytail

I think I want this

We'll see what I decide... ideas?

(photos plastered on pinterest)


Amy Fields said...

Confession: I have been thinking about getting bangs for a while now. I just don't know if I am brave enough to do it. And since the last time I had bangs was in 2nd grade, I am fearful I will look childish! YIKES. I LOVE the inspiration you posted- these are the pics that make me want bangs so bad!
Tell me what to do.

Kacie said...

seeing as i'm constantly growing my bangs out then chopping them again every couple months... i really love the last picture.
mostly because you get the best of both worlds.
what i've found to be a hair style life-saver is products.
i put a little bit of mousse in my hair(even my bangs) when it's wet after my shower, blow dry my bangs straight down/ a little to the side, and then hair spray them in place.
if you do go this route, make sure your hair spray is THE bomb, because if its crappy, it wont hold and it will make your lovely freshly washed hair look like you haven't washed it in weeks.

so i say go for it! bangs are awesome and they add so much dimension to any style of hair.