Friday, September 9, 2011

Checking in

Dear friends,

Been reading blogs and sitting cozy on this Friday night and wanted to write and say hello, but don't really have a purpose for writing at all. Since we are friends, I will simply write as I would if mailing a letter to one of my besties.

Life is good. My sister is moving back to the apartment soon. My roommate, Emily, is getting married in a few weeks, and the summer is over (even though the heat is just beginning). This may have been my best summer since the summer after my freshman year in college. I didn't even get depressed that it was August. Love having busy summers.

This week brought lessons and opportunities. I am seeing potential endeavors begin to open up about pursuing my interest in women's issues. I've been thinking that maybe the area I am most interested in is women in corporate America. The lessons I've learn this week are to set boundaries to keep my sanity and also the ask myself "what would a man do/think," not because they are smarter or better, but because they are higher in the corporate ladder at my place of work and I want to get there too. 

My weekend wishes are quality time with my parents, pet my precious pup, and celebrate with Emily at her wedding shower on Sunday.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

(this photo makes me happy)

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