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August 26

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What does women's equality mean to me?

Since today marks the 91st anniversary of the 19th Amendment of a woman's right to vote and also national Women's Equality Day, I'm asking myself this question: what does women's equality mean to me?

It is a passion that guides my life, but can I give a short and sweet answer? Can you?
To me, equality for women involves all facets of life: cultural, domestic, political, social, sexual, gender, and religious.

Women's equality means that...

• freedom of stereotypes and judgements (no more blanket statements)
• no more gender specific insults (from bad names to even "you play ball like a girl" or "Yo' momma jokes")
• women are just as good at math and science as boys are, and to have that truth reflected in the way schools teach our children
• women and men make the same amount of money for doing the same amount of work
• men and women will have equal job promotions and hiring opportunities
• to be a stay at home Dad is just as respected, and normal, as being a stay at home Mom
• women will no longer feel the need to use their body and sexuality to influence others and get what they want
• media will stop portraying images of women in very little clothing
• "guy movies" stop making sport of objectifying women
• commercials for house cleaning items will no longer feature females as the "home-maker"/house-cleaner
• female sports are just as popular as males sports
• an end to the "mommy wars"
• better childcare and maternity/paternity leaves

To sum it up, to me, women's equality means that being a woman is not an insult or "less than." It means men and women are seen as the same in abilities and intelligence, and that a difference in strengths, habits, or tendencies is a reflection of individuality and not gender-specific. I also think women's equality means freedom for men to be their authentic selves as well, and not a cultural definition of "macho," meaning, men can be emotional, good parents, and even passive. It means women are provided the same opportunities, expectations, and rewards as men are in all aspects of life and that women are no longer considered an after thought (or second class citizens).

I am beyond thankful that I live in a country where I have rights and opportunities in-spite of my gender, I just hope someday future female generations will have rights and opportunities because of their gender.

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