Monday, September 26, 2011

three's company

break from TV

needing to release

too much stress

change is unavoidable

with no one

craving alone time

white picket fence

transition as celebration

friends are coming

please come sooner

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am hoping this post is better late than never, but it seems to me that the moment has passed. However, for my loyal readers (shout out to Michaela and Sonya), here is my Emmy rundown...

Favorite moment: the fake pageant with the nominees for best actress in a comedy. Loved that Amy Poehler led the group in going on stage. It was so unexpected and hilarious. I loved that Melissa McCarthy won as well! Loved her in Gilmore Girls and glad to see her getting some recognition.

Favorite win: Downton Abbey! I was so glad to see a Masterpiece theater selection win for so many movie/miniseries categories. Almost gives me more faith in humanity Hollywood that PBS can win over HBO (it's all very David and Goliath). Hope to see more of that (the show and the win). If you haven't seen Downton Abbey and you like period pieces, you need to rent it!

Favorite dresses: I enjoyed seeing all the high necks and cap sleeves this year! I also loved all the red.

As usual, Lea Michele was my favorite, because I do look to her as a fashion icon.

Kate Winslet also rocked the red.

And, strangely enough, I really like Amy Poehler's dress too (but for me, in a different color).

As well as Dianna Argon’s (from Glee).

And, although I didn't necessarily notice their fashion, the Charlie's Angles actresses were gorgeous and definitely having them walk the red carpet together was great marketing (yes, I am taping that tomorrow).

Favorite speeches: None really stood out that much for me, but I am always glad to listen to speeches by Julianna Margulies and Kate Winslet. They are so classy and well-educated. I am always impressed by them as women.

Favorite celebrities: Claire Danes. Kate Winslet. Lea Michele. Katie Holmes. Love when movie actors grace the Emmy’s.  


Saturday, September 17, 2011

The view from right here

The best part about being twenty-something, unmarried, no kids, and living on one's own is that a person can sleep in as long as possible on a Saturday morning. For example, my body does not wake me up until 11:30. Yes, I wake up at 6ish and remind myself it is not a work day and then I sleep until 11:30. It is wonderful. Doesn't matter if I go to bed at 9pm or 2am the night before.

I was thinking about that benefit today. My roommate is busy with pre-wedding stuff and my sister is busy with college stuff and I found ways to think about the positives of my current life stage. Sleeping in is a big one. The next big one? Doing absolutely nothing if you feel like it. I can spend an entire Saturday watching movies or browsing Barnes and Noble or hanging with friends. No need to worry about the grocery store or cleaning the house or doing homework. I can do those chores during the week and spend the weekend doing nothing. 

We all have stages in life. There is a season for all things. My sister is in a season of college, which I see everyday at work. My roommate's season is changing as she is now stepping into being a wife and starting a new life together. My parents have been in an "empty nest" season as their kids have moved out (for the most part). And I am in a season of settled contentment. I am not in a season of waiting, but many months ago I may have said that and even now I think some would say that of me. They would say I am in a holding pattern in my life. I know for other people my age who are post-college and in jobs that are not their passion and unmarried, they are waiting for their next chapter. But you know what? As of this moment, I have realized that is not me, and it hasn't been for months.

The great thing about writing out your life is that you look back and see where you were at a certain time. You re-live the emotions and recall the moments and remember the seasons. So let this entry show, that I am in a season of non-waiting, of contentment, of exploring, and of becoming strong, independent, and capable. I have a career. It just sort of crept up on me, but yes, I am in a career. I am a career woman. I have gathered an urban family around me of people who are so wonderful that I wish to be more like them. I buy my own Raid and keep a screw driver close (the tool, not the drink), and I am learning to cook. I am settling into my season... my life.

I am incredibly thankful for all my seasons in life and I have been blessed to have many good ones. A good childhood, an amazing high school season, a challenging college season, a growing post-college season, and now this one. I look forward to many more seasons and am hopeful that the next one includes falling in love and being loved in return, followed by one of midnight feedings, followed by one full of soccer games and dance classes and Sunday family dinners.

But for now, I am here, and the view is pretty good from where I sit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hair today

I am embarrassed to write this blog post, because I so don't like being this girl. But, here is a hair post... I am done with my hair. I miss my bangs. I hate wondering if my hair is still styled throughout the day. I hate waiting for the wind to pass.

I try to be very low maintenance with my hair and I have been looking at hairstyles all week and reading about the right styles for face shape and weight of person and type of hair. 

This was me with bangs... I don't want them like this where it is blunt and straight with no real style.

This is me now... starts out great in the morning and then turns in to the other...

These are my current inspirations...

It started with this gorgeous style

I want this length: (Amanda Peet on the far right)

Love these stylish bangs

Still want to be able to pull my hair in a ponytail

I think I want this

We'll see what I decide... ideas?

(photos plastered on pinterest)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Checking in

Dear friends,

Been reading blogs and sitting cozy on this Friday night and wanted to write and say hello, but don't really have a purpose for writing at all. Since we are friends, I will simply write as I would if mailing a letter to one of my besties.

Life is good. My sister is moving back to the apartment soon. My roommate, Emily, is getting married in a few weeks, and the summer is over (even though the heat is just beginning). This may have been my best summer since the summer after my freshman year in college. I didn't even get depressed that it was August. Love having busy summers.

This week brought lessons and opportunities. I am seeing potential endeavors begin to open up about pursuing my interest in women's issues. I've been thinking that maybe the area I am most interested in is women in corporate America. The lessons I've learn this week are to set boundaries to keep my sanity and also the ask myself "what would a man do/think," not because they are smarter or better, but because they are higher in the corporate ladder at my place of work and I want to get there too. 

My weekend wishes are quality time with my parents, pet my precious pup, and celebrate with Emily at her wedding shower on Sunday.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

(this photo makes me happy)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Laboring on Labor Day

Did you see the sky this morning? It was gorgeous. Partly blue and clear and partly cloudy with rain. I love when the sun shines behind the clouds.

What? You didn't see it? You were asleep? Today is a federal holiday? Hmmm... That explains why there were no cars on the streets. Even more empty than the day before Thanksgiving.

Well, sorry to wake you. Please go back to your cozy bed. But if you need me I won't be at a BBQ or the beach or sitting in my sweatpants watching a Real Housewives marathon on Bravo. I'll be at my desk, laboring on Labor Day.

(PS I promise to be happier tomorrow. "It's not personal, it's business.").
(photo via pinterest... as usual of late).

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Little Women

This weekend I watched the 1949 version of "Little Women" (starring the wonderful pair of Peter Lawford and June Allyson) and I realized why I turned out the way I am! My mom raised my sister and I on Little Women (among other great movies). We loved both versions growing up and still watch the newer one often. 

The movie is so me! Topics of women's rights, closeness of family, and writing. I am more like Jo then I realized. I used to think I was Beth (or at least wished to be like her) and then thought maybe I was Meg, the wise oldest daughter who marries the smart Mr. Brook. But, I am Jo, which is a good thing. She is smart and independent, cares about equality, and just wants to keep her family close. I can relate to all of these things.

Every time I watch the movie it breaks my heart that Laurie and Jo don't end up together. You know how some people say that every time they watch a movie or read a book they still hope for a different ending? That is me every time I watch Little Women. It breaks my heart that Laurie marries Amy (my least favorite sister) and doesn't just pine after Jo for his whole life. Not to mention, how could Amy trust that Laurie didn't still love Jo? I've always wondered that too.

Watch it. It's wonderful.

(photos found through pinterest).

Friday, September 2, 2011

August 26

Was the day this post was meant to be published... forgive that it's late...

What does women's equality mean to me?

Since today marks the 91st anniversary of the 19th Amendment of a woman's right to vote and also national Women's Equality Day, I'm asking myself this question: what does women's equality mean to me?

It is a passion that guides my life, but can I give a short and sweet answer? Can you?
To me, equality for women involves all facets of life: cultural, domestic, political, social, sexual, gender, and religious.

Women's equality means that...

• freedom of stereotypes and judgements (no more blanket statements)
• no more gender specific insults (from bad names to even "you play ball like a girl" or "Yo' momma jokes")
• women are just as good at math and science as boys are, and to have that truth reflected in the way schools teach our children
• women and men make the same amount of money for doing the same amount of work
• men and women will have equal job promotions and hiring opportunities
• to be a stay at home Dad is just as respected, and normal, as being a stay at home Mom
• women will no longer feel the need to use their body and sexuality to influence others and get what they want
• media will stop portraying images of women in very little clothing
• "guy movies" stop making sport of objectifying women
• commercials for house cleaning items will no longer feature females as the "home-maker"/house-cleaner
• female sports are just as popular as males sports
• an end to the "mommy wars"
• better childcare and maternity/paternity leaves

To sum it up, to me, women's equality means that being a woman is not an insult or "less than." It means men and women are seen as the same in abilities and intelligence, and that a difference in strengths, habits, or tendencies is a reflection of individuality and not gender-specific. I also think women's equality means freedom for men to be their authentic selves as well, and not a cultural definition of "macho," meaning, men can be emotional, good parents, and even passive. It means women are provided the same opportunities, expectations, and rewards as men are in all aspects of life and that women are no longer considered an after thought (or second class citizens).

I am beyond thankful that I live in a country where I have rights and opportunities in-spite of my gender, I just hope someday future female generations will have rights and opportunities because of their gender.