Sunday, August 21, 2011


My cousin, Vanessa, recently posted a picture of her, her sisters, and their adorable children. It reminded me of picture of our moms and us as babies.

The 80's:

Aunt Sue holding Whitney, Nana holding Natalie, Aunt Karen holding Joseph, and my mom holding me. Sue is mom to Vanessa (who is not pictured), Natalie, and Whitney. Karen is mom to Joe. After this picture was taken we also had Stephanie (to Karen) and Ashley (my sister).

(We also added a whole other set of lovely cousins and aunt, but that's a different happy story...)

Natalie holding new baby Jack, Whitney holding Annabelle and Ainsley, and Vanessa holding Quinn.

I love that this picture is so similar to the one of our moms. It's exciting to have a new generation of babies in the family. I'm glad that these little baby cousins will get to grow up living close to one another. Somedays I wish we all had all grown up that way.

Can't wait to see what happens with all of us cousins and our future kids.

(cousin photo taken from Vanessa's blog).

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