Sunday, June 12, 2011

summer goals (for Amy)

Dear Amy,

First of all, I miss you and am so hopeful I'll get to see you this summer! I loved your latest post and you have inspired this one. :)

My summer goals are...
  • to see you!
  • try out the pool at my new complex (it is literally outside my front door, I look at it from my balcony)
  • visit a church (because, honestly, I do really need to find one up here)
  • wear skirts and dresses more often
  • get a tan
Happy summer to us!



P.S. This video makes me smile. I love us!

1 comment:

Amy Fields said...

I LOVE that video you posted!!! Made my day! Thank you for posting your summer goals. I support all of them, especially wearing skirts and dresses- oh yeah, and going to church. :)
Wish we were back in Vegas. Was that meal not the best of your life?