Monday, June 27, 2011

My weekend: weddings, reunions, and a bench

I had a near-perfect weekend. Loved it. Full of quality family time and catching up with friends. 

(The lovely coworker bunch).

Friday night I went to my coworker, Teri's, daughter's wedding. It was so beautiful. The bride was gorgeous, the toasts were heartfelt, God was the focus, and the location was amazing. Definitely would love to get married there someday. I had a great time with my coworker friends! We almost didn't make it on time because the car broke down along the way and we had to beg people to come pick us up, but we made it just in time and am so glad we did. It was wonderful to spend time laughing with my coworkers! They are very special women. 

(My bench). 

Saturday was full of beauty appointments and family time, as well as some major shopping (hello new shoes and make up). My mom and I went to lunch together between appointments and walked around downtown Escondido. We meandered into an antique store and I fell in love... with a red bench. It is adorable! Perfect for my bedroom at my apartment. I bought it on the spot. Of course, it wouldn't fit in the car and my Dad had to take me back the next day to pick it up, but it's mine and will look great in my room. Can't wait to get it there!

(Old school photo of the teachers and students from about 2005).

Sunday brought a reunion with four of my favorite high school teachers: Ms. Kanawi, Ms. Gerent, Ms. Le, and Ms. Kawano. I love those four women so much! It was amazing to catch up and I wish we had more time together. Then three of us went to see a play, which an old friend from high school was in and my good friend, Sam, works at the theater. It was great to see him as well! Seeing the four teacher friends brought back a ton of memories and reminded me of how amazing my high school experience was for me. In fact, after that mini-reunion I had missed calls and text messages from other high school friends... not many people can say that about their high school experience when they're 25. It was a very special time in my life and I am blessed to still get to see the people who have meant so much to me. 

It was a fantastic weekend, ending with backyard BBQ with my parents before heading back up north to my apartment and "real life."

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