Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where I'm at...

... on my couch, basically on bed rest (sound dramatic enough?).

I messed up my back while moving, which is pretty scary for me because I have a history of back surgeries and haven't had this much back pain since my recovery over ten years ago. I'm sure it has everything to do with picking up boxes, cleaning, and moving furniturere. It also doesn't help that I moved boxes of books a lot of the week prior to moving weekend.  Not to mention all the stress this month of May has brought full of busy weekends moving, planning a bridal shower, working graduation, and my job in general.

So here I am... resting? It's funny because I am the laziest person I know and have the excuse to rest, but all the worry and guilt and pain are clouding my ability to fully enjoy it. But, I am trying. Watching TV, catching up on my DVR, watching movies (watching Mona Lisa Smile with my sister as I write this), and reading (I'm reading "The Help" right now and really enjoying it).

This week has been full of new things. A new apartment, which I guess is sort of an old apartment because I lived in this same complex a couple years ago, and I really like it. We are almost completely moved in and I love the windows and how the sun and breeze just sweep through all the rooms. This will sound cheesy, but yesterday one of my neighbors (the back of my apartment is about four feet away from the back of another set) was listening to Michael Bubble and I was reminded of a time when I last lived here and I was in a state of panic and suddenly one of my neighbors starts rehearsing a beautiful song and I felt calm and comforted. I felt that same peace yesterday listening to Michael Bubble sing.

My other new experience was taking myself to the urgent care for some pain meds for my back. I was in so much pain and didn't want to call in sick to work again without some answers. Forty minutes later I had three prescriptions and a doctor's note keeping me home for the rest of this week.

Oh, and I also got my first duvet comforter, which has been really nice considering how much I've been in bed this week!

So, my couch or bed is where you can find me with a book close by, remote in my hand, phone next to me, and resting on a heating pad.

Until my next post...

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Trolley said...

Take care of yourself and get better soon! We miss you but we want you back at 100% :)