Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stephanie Nielson

I am watching Stephanie Nielson (of the Nie Nie Dialogues) on Fox News' Glenn Beck right now (before you start commenting, please note, I have never seen his program before) and I feel I have to write about Stephanie Nielson and how amazing her journey.

I have followed Stephanie's blog and personal journey (as depicted through her blog) for about three years now. I've watched her on Glenn Beck, Oprah, and 20/20 and read her sister's blog and her blog and I am just continually amazed at Stephanie's strength, character, and bravery. She is a great example of rising above bad circumstances and learning to find joy in the every day. Her story reminds me that no matter how bad life gets, it will get better, with faith, family, and strength.  Her family reminds me of what a support system can do to build strength in others. Stephanie's whole story is amazing and I can't wait to keep reading how it unfolds.

Please do yourself a favor and read her blog. It's great. Check out her sister, Courtney's, blog while you're at it. I don't know either of them, but I feel like I do, and that is why I love the blogosphere.

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