Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May day, yay

Sunday night, May 1st, America learned of the death of Osama Bin Laden. A man we have been fighting for decades and who hurt us the most on September 11, 2001, a day Americans will never forget. To say there was celebration, relief, and pride in the hearts of many American citizens that day is an understatement.

For me personally, when I first read the news via a text message from MSNBC, I nearly cried. I then got teary-eyed over a late dinner with my sister as we read Facebook statuses and Twitter feeds about the news.

Many people are feeling conflicted about celebrating the death of a human being, while others can’t stand to even call Osama Bin Laden (OBL) a human at all. And others are simply grateful for the bravery, action, and intelligence of our military for doing what they do so well in protecting our freedom.

The death of OBL brought together Americans in a way that only 9/11 did nearly ten years ago. We are a nation of differing opinions and for one evening, regarding one person, a large population of people was once again facing a united front. Once again, we came together to heal. Once again, America came together despite politics, and people hugged each other, but this time out of joy and not fear.

I am so thankful to our military. I am specifically grateful to the SEAL Team 6. I am thankful for every military family member and friend who suffers during long absences and fears the death of their loved ones on a regular basis. I am thankful for their bravery and strength.
My prayer is also that the families of 9/11 can find a bit more peace. That they can take one more step toward healing.

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