Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I am so excited to watch the Royal Wedding very early on Friday morning (I honestly view it as Thursday late night)! I decided to take the day off work on Friday. Yippee! I figured life is too short not to and in ten years I'll look back and be excited that I watched it live with thousands of others. It really is a big deal. :) 

I am still deciding if I will watch with my friend Teri and her friends, go home and wake my Mom up for the wedding dress, or watch it in the comfort of my own apartment. I'll probably do the latter, but we'll see. However, after I got Friday off, I did go out and buy items for a little treat (my nod to an English snack) and a bottle of champagne to toast the happy couple. 

Aside from where I will watch the wedding, I also need to decide which network(s) I will watch it on. I am thinking ABC and CNN (ya know, for Anderson), but that is also left to be decided. 

Regardless, it will be fun! 

For your viewing pleasure, here is a schedule of the time of events. Very helpful if you are not staying up for the entire night.

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Amy Fields said...

"After that, husband and wife will drive to St. James Palace for some down time" Awkward...
Love you, friend. Enjoy the show!