Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Kennedy's

I just finished watching the Reelz miniseries, The Kennedy's. I loved it! It was so good.

from the film: bobby, ethel, john, jackie, joe, and rose

Katie Holmes rocked as Jackie and Greg Kinnear was incredible as JFK. The series made me fall in love with Bobby Kennedy. The whole thing was really well done and I was hooked in the first episode. It showed fiction and non-fiction events really well.

The miniseries included all the topics linked with the Kennedy name, most I knew about and some I didn't: The Cuban Missile Crisis, the Bay of Pigs, the marriages of JFK and Jackie, Joe and Rosie, and Bobby and Ethel. The "friendships" with Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. Even a party at Peter Lawford's where Bobby was nearly seduced by Marilyn. 

from film: bobby and ethel

from film: jackie and john

The most fascinating part for me was wondering if there is any truth to the Bobby loved Jackie rumor.

I am now obsessed with all things Kennedy and want to know everything about them. Do you know of a great book about them? There are so many to chose from and I want to start with the best.

the real Kennedy crew: John, Jean, Rose, Joe, Patricia, Bobby, Eunice, and Ted (on knees)

(photos from film found here and of family here).

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