Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today via Instagram

I recently downloaded Instagram on my iPhone to have pictures like trendy bloggers for fun. So today, I experimented and now this post is the fruit of my labor...

(can you tell I am sleepy?)  

Here is (most of) my day in pictures.

 My outfit today. I have worn dresses or skirts all week. That's a first for me.
 As soon as I came home, I sat on the couch and talked with Ash for an hour.
What I'm doing now... blogging and watching DVR'd Bethenny Getting Married.
The new ketchup container at Chick-Fil-A (where we went for dinner). You can dip or squeeze it.
My sister hiding from the camera (sorry for posting this, Ash!).
Gorgeous sunset.

Also, just for the record, because I am tired, I have to brag... last week I made a prediction on Facebook that the first person to be voted off Dancing with the Stars would be the radio Love Line guy... and I was right. :)  Now please give me my own pop culture column?

Okay, sorry for the most random post yet.

Happy Wednesday! We made it through half the week.


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