Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today via Instagram

I recently downloaded Instagram on my iPhone to have pictures like trendy bloggers for fun. So today, I experimented and now this post is the fruit of my labor...

(can you tell I am sleepy?)  

Here is (most of) my day in pictures.

 My outfit today. I have worn dresses or skirts all week. That's a first for me.
 As soon as I came home, I sat on the couch and talked with Ash for an hour.
What I'm doing now... blogging and watching DVR'd Bethenny Getting Married.
The new ketchup container at Chick-Fil-A (where we went for dinner). You can dip or squeeze it.
My sister hiding from the camera (sorry for posting this, Ash!).
Gorgeous sunset.

Also, just for the record, because I am tired, I have to brag... last week I made a prediction on Facebook that the first person to be voted off Dancing with the Stars would be the radio Love Line guy... and I was right. :)  Now please give me my own pop culture column?

Okay, sorry for the most random post yet.

Happy Wednesday! We made it through half the week.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Top Ten: Things I am loving right now

1. Adele's new CD (especially this song). She is amazing!
2. The Real Housewives on Bravo.
3. Pretty much everything about Bethenny Frankel.
4. Planning on which magazines to buy next... People (because, hello, Angelina and Brad are on the cover) and Vogue (because there's an article about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen).
5. Reading celebrity Twitter comments. Shallow and I love it. 
6. C.Jane's Vlogs. My kind of comedy and so fun to actually "see" a blogger!
7. Jamie's blog entry (which she gave me a shout out for on Twitter... LOL). 

8. Facebook messages (thank you Alex, Anna and Karen!).

9. This wedding found on Once Wed. It is picturesque perfect.

10. "Forget You" by CeeLo Green.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor passed away today. Another Hollywood legend to be remembered in black and white. I need to see more of her films, because I really only know her from Little Women.

So much to do, so little done, such things to be.

~ Elizabeth Taylor

 (Photo and good article from here. Others here and here).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The world is broken-hearted and scared right now. The tragedy in Japan from the tsunami and earthquake. The threat of nuclear radiation spreading. The upheaval and war beginning in Libya. The images on the news are too much to bear. So much in fact that I have not looked at them. I have to admit that I have remained naive and clueless about most of what is happening in the world right now. When I heard about Japan all I wanted to know was were the people that I know of and those I love alive and well and are we safe from the tsunami warning that was issued for the west coast. Once I heard the answers of both those questions I withdrew. I blocked it out. I closed the door on Japan and the suffering.

I hate to be this person, and in many ways, I am usually not this person. I am the woman who sat in front of the TV for days watching 9/11 footage and missed youth group to sit and watch reports of the Columbine shooting. I am the one who keeps newspapers about major bombings and reads everything about earthquakes on the Internet.

But I can't do it anymore.

I have to go into self-preservation mode.

You are probably reading this post thinking I am a selfish, closed-minded, heartless person who could care less about the problems of the world so long as my own bubble isn't harmed in the process. But that is not true. I do care. Sometimes, I care too much. To the point of anxiety attacks and insomnia and tears and phone calls to my Mom about risk possibilities and Internet articles about the largest earthquakes and tsunami's on record and magazine articles about survivors and Anderson Cooper's voice on the TV in the background 24/7. Sometimes, I get so obsessed that I end up in the chair at my counselor's office crying about how to live a functional and healthy life without fear of things I can't control.

So this time around, I am doing things I can control to avoid becoming the worst version of my fearful self. I am keeping my distance from the news and only reading the headlines on the msn homepage. I am praying and then letting go. Because if I don't, I will never leave my house. I will cry for those suffering and I will go into hiding to postpone my own.

But know that I am praying for those in Japan. Praying that the nuclear radiation will get under control and that those lost will be found. Praying that those without power and gas (like my coworker Reiko's parents) will have it shortly. I am also praying for Libya. Praying that World War Three will not begin. Praying peace will be restored and that people will stop being abused. Praying for the brave men and women from home will be safe as they risk their lives to bring justice, in addition to keeping me safe here.

To those in pain, to those with fear, to those who are sad, and to those who are hiding from it all, I pray that you will lean on God, because He is the only thing constant in this crazy place we live in and He will not turn away from that which is unknown, painful, scary, tragic, or out of control. When we are weak, He is strong. Amen.

Palm Desert

This weekend I was very spoiled. My family and I stayed at The JW Marriott in Palm Desert and had an incredible time. The hotel is ridiculously gorgeous. The scenery is breath-taking. It is a man-made lake with ducks and swans and a golf course surrounding it. The mornings were my favorite time of day because it was so peaceful and you could only hear the animals swimming and talking. So lovely. We ate awesome food over the weekend, but the most fun experience was at Mikado. We took a gondola to get there. It is the kind of place where the chef cooks in front of you and sometimes throws shrimp at you. And sometimes he throws shrimp in your sister's mouth from 15 feet away and strangers give her a standing ovation. :) It was awesome.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Patience is a virtue

Or so they say.

This week has been incredibly hard. I had gum surgery on Friday morning where the "gum guy" (as I affectionatly call him) took a chunk of my tissue on the roof of my mouth (really the side... next to my back molars) and attached it to my lower gum for two of my teeth. Now, I have stitches driving me CRAZY on the roof of my mouth and pain and salt water rinses and sore brushing. I also can only eat soft (and not hot) foods, so all my meals have ranged in color from white to off white to slightly yellow in color (meaning mashed potatoes, soup, and yogurt, minus creamed spinach) and all lukewarm. This all makes me a very unhappy and grumpy camper.

Ironically, I feel like God is trying to teach me something through all of this. He is trying to teach me patience. This is a lesson I've been considering for a few months now because I have been challenged by this verse. Now, I am in a situation where I have to be patient. I physically can't eat certain foods and force faster healing, so I have to just be. This lesson is facing me in other areas of my life too right now and it just seems like all situations and annoyances and fears are staring me in the face.

I know that patience is an important characteristic to have and integrate into my life. But it has been a tough lesson for me to learn this week and I have failed at it every day. I have let my negativity get the best of me and let my patience run out about everything... from people to opportunities to guilt to Charlie Sheen.

(thanks to Erin for writing an honest post which prompted this one).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ides of March

How have I not blogged all of March? My birthday month. The month of day light savings. The month when you know Spring is on its way. So maybe that is why I haven't blogged... been too busy celebrating. But that all changes today.

Stated the month with my birthday celebration with the family. We went to The Melting Pot in La Jolla. I had never been and always complain that people get to go there on dates and that means I don't, so my Mom suggested my 25th birthday. It was a very neat experience and the dessert was to die for! OMG. Amazing.

Then, I had an incredible birthday dinner with my girlfriends, including my sister and roommate, Emily. The other lovely ladies were Nichol, Sarah, Marci, and Erin.

It was perfect. We went to Buca di Beppo and talked for hours. They are the kind of women who when you say goodbye you're on cloud nine and feel amazing about yourself and inspired and encouraged. They even wrote a list of 5 things they each love about me. It was wonderful.

My coworkers spoiled me that day as well!

I ended the celebrating with a Vegas trip with my bestie (since we were five), Amy. We had an incredible time! It was exactly the trip we had hoped for... except for the part where we walked basically the entire Strip and couldn't really move the rest of the weekend... and we walked it as soon as we got there! Bad idea. We stayed at the Mandalay Bay in an awesome room. Walked through a ton of the hotels (The Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, Cesar's Palace, MGM, New York New York, Paris, and The Venetian). We met up with my other bestie, Rachel, and that was too fun to have two of my favorite people who were so key in certain parts of my life, meet each other. We gambled and each won about $60 (I won't tell you how much I lost). We ate amazing food at Canaletto in the Venetian and also ate at the Paris buffet and Margaritaville.

This past weekend I had a gum graft (it sucks and I am really unhappy today... may write about it later) and I also went to my roommate Sarah's wedding (Em's sister).

This weekend I am going to Palm Desert with the fam.

Whew, see why I've been missing?