Sunday, February 13, 2011

The View.

I just watched Oprah's interview of The View ladies and loved it. I have been watching The View off and on since it began. In then beginning, I thought is was a great show because of the female perspective. There really wasn't anything like it and it showed women are intelligent, politically-minded, and gave women a public voice about things other than fashion and cooking on TV. I also started watching it because I've always love Barbara Walters. As I get older, I am a bit more weary of the show simply because I can't take the arguing anymore.

Watching the interview also made me think that it is time for me to publicly admit that I love Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Love her (sorry, Kindelan's!).

I think she is smart, kind, respectful, tough, and gorgeous. I respect her for never allowing herself to be the victim on The View, even though she is bullied for her conservative opinions everyday by her cohosts and also slammed in the media and by disrespectful celebrities. On Oprah's show she stated she never feels picked on by her cohosts and enjoys the debate.

I specifically remember when she and Rosie (who I also love) had their on-air fight and something that never made it to the liberal, anti-Elisabeth, media is that when the first guest came on after the commercial break it was Alicia Silverstone, who is a good friend of Rosie's, and she snubbed Elisabeth and walked right past her and hugged and kissed every other cohost. You could see a quick shot of Elisabeth's annoyed and disappointed face and then she went back to her professional self and led the interview without making a single comment or dig. That is admirable.

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