Friday, February 11, 2011

Top Ten: Annoyed

Do you ever have those days where every thing and everyone annoys you? Today, that is my day.

I hate when I'm like this. I hate these days. I hate that I know I'll feel this way the moment I wake up. Today was a perfect example. All I wanted to do was eat an entire chocolate cake while drinking a bottle of wine. (Don't worry, I did not).

Top Ten moments that annoyed me today:

1. Woke up 30 minutes late (thankfully, I was not late for work).
2. Found a super rotten, molded orange in my bag of oranges. Mold grosses me out - big time.
3. Construction on the way to work.
4. Road rage. I always know I am really grumpy when suddenly I call a fellow driver a bad name. I am usually a pretty happy, self-deprecating, driver.
5. Not feeling supported or appreciated.
6. Work e-mails.
7. People who are around my age who think they can talk to me like we're "friends" (in other words: training students causes an interesting dynamic).
8. Friday afternoons. Don't they seem to take forever?
9. Exercise.
10. Lady Gaga. I am so tired of her constant performance. Just be authentic every once in a while. She's probably a very lovely person (and beautiful) as Stephanie (her real name) under all that "Lady Gaga" exterior. 

Okay, enough complaining. Here is how to turn around a day like today...

Step one: Spend some time alone when you first get home.
Step two:Read some Vanity Fair (nothing relaxes like reading about celebrities).
Step three: Put on your pajamas and slippers.
Step four:Laugh with your roommates.
Step five: Blog.

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