Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow day jealousy.

All week I've been craving a snow day.

For so many reasons. For starters, work was insanely busy this week, thus the craving of wanting to be home in my favorite sweatshirt and reading. 

But mostly, I've been wanting a snow day because many of the bloggers I follow have been home dealing with the snow. 

Bloggers like... 

C.Jane who spent a day loving on her children, and

Nina who day dreams out the window, and

NieNie who enjoyed the snow with a gorgeous family photo shoot, and

P-Dub who was welcomed home by the beauty of the snow, and

Naomi who took this beautiful picture of the road in D.C., and 

Nat who walked the streets of snowy NYC with a stroller and adorable baby.   

On a more personal note, I've been wanting a snow day because my family and friends have been dealing with the snow. But, I must admit, they remind me it is definitely not all fun and games. The ice in Dallas has made for some dangerous conditions for my family there and being cooped up for days can get boring and make you stir crazy.

My bestie, Amy, posted pictures of her Chicago snow and they made me so happy!

How cute is she? On a side note, she and I just booked a weekend in Vegas together to celebrate our 25th birthdays!

Here is a picture my cousin, Vanessa, posted on our family Facebook wall. She is one of the cousins in Dallas dealing with the crazy ice.

Gorgeous, right? See why I want a snow day?

The best line of my week about the snow was from my cousin Katie (who also posted on the family FB wall). She lives in Florida and all week she's been saying, "we better stay in, with the snow all over the Midwest and all."


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Amy Fields said...

YAY! I'm on your blog. Let me tell you, there are better reasons to stay home from work than your home turning into an igloo. Just walk outside and breath in some warm air for me. I'll see you SOON!