Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Puzzle piece.

I am watching the Oprah about her recently discovered half-sister and I am all kinds of choked up. You hear about these stories in the news  where people find that they have a lost sibling somewhere or mothers confess to giving up a child for adoption and never telling anyone. These kinds of stories always seem so impersonal. Yet, this kind of story is something my family can claim. It is something people don't realize is miraculous and life-gaining, not only life-changing.

In Oprah's story there happened to be a TV show on at the same time her half-sister had just found out more facts about her birth mother. This TV show led to more facts about possibly being related to Oprah. In my family's story, the fact that Kathy and Kevin got married in the same county where Kathy was born is what led us to her exact information. People get married in different counties all the time. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. It is these kinds of miracles that people don't think about. It's these kinds of miracles that bring on goosebumps.

This Oprah reminds me of the incredible puzzle piece that is no longer missing in our family's lives, especially my mom and her family. For years we wondered where Kathy was and who she was and if she knew she was adopted and if she ever wanted to find us. We would see women who sort of resembled my mom and would wonder, "maybe she could be the mystery sister?" Once God brought us all together, everything felt right.

Kathy and some of the K family are visiting California this week and it is so wonderful to have them here. Honestly, it is incredibly how well we all fit together and how much we have in common. It fees like we've always been family, like we grew up together. It's easy to forget we have missed large chunks of one another's lives, but the best part is the life we have left to live together. Gaining more family members has even brought the rest of the family closer. It has been an incredible gain to our life, which is why it is not just life changing, but life gaining.

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