Monday, February 21, 2011


I have weddings on the brain.

This year I am in two weddings and invited to a few more than that. I love weddings. It is so fun to go see what decisions a bride makes and what the bridal party wears. I love to see the center pieces and hear what music choices the couple made. I love to hear the vows. I love it all.

This weekend my sister tried on wedding dresses. However, they were not for her. My cousin, Julie, is getting married and her family was visiting, so being the personal shoppers our family likes to be, we went wedding dress shopping on her behalf. My sister was our model and she looked gorgeous (well, she always does, but more so than usual).

Both the dresses she tried on were by Lusan. The designs were breath-taking. Here is Ashley in the two dresses:

The bridal shop is in downtown Carlsbad and was adorable.

To further my wedding obsession this week was the launch of Anthropologie's bridal line, BHLDN. The blogosphere has been abuzz about this for a couple weeks and I couldn't wait to check out their website. I love it!

Love the wedding-type quiz.

Love that my "type" recommended the wedding down I already loved.

Love the vintage wedding photos.

Just love it.

Who doesn't love a wedding anyway?

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