Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar (part two)

Well, it's over for another year. I am embarrassed to admit how much I wished I was at an Oscar party last night. Ya know, with a gorgeous dress on and George Clooney hold my hand while we smile for the cameras.

I thought the whole show was pretty boring. I livened it up by reading Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Here is a snapshot of my twitter from last night:

So, to review...

Anne Hathaway: Stole the show! I knew she was talented and have been a fan for a long time, but she single-handedly (in my opinion) hosted the show last night and pulled it off. Is there anything she can't do? Big fan!

James Franco: Was so looking forward to seeing James host and then I was super disappointed. However, it was fun to see/watch his tweets during the show. I am so fascinated by James Franco because he plays all kinds of roles, in in two grad programs, is an author, acts on a soap opera, and rumor has it he can sing. That is all why I was so looking forward to his hosting gig.

Colin Firth: Yay for Mr. Darcy's big break!

Robert Downey Jr: I finally understand why people find him so attractive. Funny, self-deprecating, handsome, in awe of his wife. I get it and I concur.

Sandra Bullock: Still classy.

Christian Bale: Completely deserved to win! I loved his performance in The Fighter. He will always be Laurie to me.

Natalie Portman: One of my best dressed picks. I also loved her acceptance speech. She gained a few points for me last night, because I really am kind of annoyed by her (sorry).

Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake: Well hello, Handsome.

Now back to the mingling... don't you just wish you were a fly on the wall?

(photos from here, here, and here).

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today is practically a holiday in "Carrie terms." It's the Academy Awards! Can't wait to see the fashion, James and Anne host, Christian Bale and Colin Firth win, and then see all the pictures tomorrow of the after parties. The only thing that would make the day even better was if the Academy shocked everyone and gave Best Picture to The Social Network instead of The King's Speech. 


Monday, February 21, 2011


I have weddings on the brain.

This year I am in two weddings and invited to a few more than that. I love weddings. It is so fun to go see what decisions a bride makes and what the bridal party wears. I love to see the center pieces and hear what music choices the couple made. I love to hear the vows. I love it all.

This weekend my sister tried on wedding dresses. However, they were not for her. My cousin, Julie, is getting married and her family was visiting, so being the personal shoppers our family likes to be, we went wedding dress shopping on her behalf. My sister was our model and she looked gorgeous (well, she always does, but more so than usual).

Both the dresses she tried on were by Lusan. The designs were breath-taking. Here is Ashley in the two dresses:

The bridal shop is in downtown Carlsbad and was adorable.

To further my wedding obsession this week was the launch of Anthropologie's bridal line, BHLDN. The blogosphere has been abuzz about this for a couple weeks and I couldn't wait to check out their website. I love it!

Love the wedding-type quiz.

Love that my "type" recommended the wedding down I already loved.

Love the vintage wedding photos.

Just love it.

Who doesn't love a wedding anyway?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bestie birthday

Dear Amy,

Two weeks from tomorrow you will be landing in California. But, do you know what's even better? Two weeks from Friday I will be picking you up and we will be on our way to VEGAS! I am so excited to spend our birthdays together! I CAN'T WAIT.

We will chat and laugh and listen to music and talk grad school and eat yummy food and walk on The Strip and gamble and probably cry a little (knowing our heart to hearts) and of course, talk about boys! I am also looking forward to introducing you and Rachel. You two will love each other. Trust me. How do I know? Because you both love me!

I keep thinking about our weekend and I am struck by the fact that we haven't spent a whole weekend together since high school. Gosh, that seems like forever ago. Doesn't it? It's hard to believe. It's even crazier to remember that we haven't lived in the same state - let alone city - for seven years. That is why I am so looking forward to spending our birthdays together.

I bet this birthday will top every other birthday we've celebrated together. Can it be done? I'm not totally sure, but I think so. I mean, we have set a pretty high birthday bar: from wearing accidental matching navy blue and white polka dot jumpers (one with hearts and one with dots), to a lovely tea at your house, to seeing My Dog Skip from the very front row and crying our eyes out, to being serenaded by the Cold Stone guy with our best friends, to going away for our 18th birthday with our besties for the weekend.

See what I mean? We've had some good ones!

What do you think? :)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Puzzle piece.

I am watching the Oprah about her recently discovered half-sister and I am all kinds of choked up. You hear about these stories in the news  where people find that they have a lost sibling somewhere or mothers confess to giving up a child for adoption and never telling anyone. These kinds of stories always seem so impersonal. Yet, this kind of story is something my family can claim. It is something people don't realize is miraculous and life-gaining, not only life-changing.

In Oprah's story there happened to be a TV show on at the same time her half-sister had just found out more facts about her birth mother. This TV show led to more facts about possibly being related to Oprah. In my family's story, the fact that Kathy and Kevin got married in the same county where Kathy was born is what led us to her exact information. People get married in different counties all the time. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. It is these kinds of miracles that people don't think about. It's these kinds of miracles that bring on goosebumps.

This Oprah reminds me of the incredible puzzle piece that is no longer missing in our family's lives, especially my mom and her family. For years we wondered where Kathy was and who she was and if she knew she was adopted and if she ever wanted to find us. We would see women who sort of resembled my mom and would wonder, "maybe she could be the mystery sister?" Once God brought us all together, everything felt right.

Kathy and some of the K family are visiting California this week and it is so wonderful to have them here. Honestly, it is incredibly how well we all fit together and how much we have in common. It fees like we've always been family, like we grew up together. It's easy to forget we have missed large chunks of one another's lives, but the best part is the life we have left to live together. Gaining more family members has even brought the rest of the family closer. It has been an incredible gain to our life, which is why it is not just life changing, but life gaining.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mad about you

“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.” ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The View.

I just watched Oprah's interview of The View ladies and loved it. I have been watching The View off and on since it began. In then beginning, I thought is was a great show because of the female perspective. There really wasn't anything like it and it showed women are intelligent, politically-minded, and gave women a public voice about things other than fashion and cooking on TV. I also started watching it because I've always love Barbara Walters. As I get older, I am a bit more weary of the show simply because I can't take the arguing anymore.

Watching the interview also made me think that it is time for me to publicly admit that I love Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Love her (sorry, Kindelan's!).

I think she is smart, kind, respectful, tough, and gorgeous. I respect her for never allowing herself to be the victim on The View, even though she is bullied for her conservative opinions everyday by her cohosts and also slammed in the media and by disrespectful celebrities. On Oprah's show she stated she never feels picked on by her cohosts and enjoys the debate.

I specifically remember when she and Rosie (who I also love) had their on-air fight and something that never made it to the liberal, anti-Elisabeth, media is that when the first guest came on after the commercial break it was Alicia Silverstone, who is a good friend of Rosie's, and she snubbed Elisabeth and walked right past her and hugged and kissed every other cohost. You could see a quick shot of Elisabeth's annoyed and disappointed face and then she went back to her professional self and led the interview without making a single comment or dig. That is admirable.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Top Ten: Annoyed

Do you ever have those days where every thing and everyone annoys you? Today, that is my day.

I hate when I'm like this. I hate these days. I hate that I know I'll feel this way the moment I wake up. Today was a perfect example. All I wanted to do was eat an entire chocolate cake while drinking a bottle of wine. (Don't worry, I did not).

Top Ten moments that annoyed me today:

1. Woke up 30 minutes late (thankfully, I was not late for work).
2. Found a super rotten, molded orange in my bag of oranges. Mold grosses me out - big time.
3. Construction on the way to work.
4. Road rage. I always know I am really grumpy when suddenly I call a fellow driver a bad name. I am usually a pretty happy, self-deprecating, driver.
5. Not feeling supported or appreciated.
6. Work e-mails.
7. People who are around my age who think they can talk to me like we're "friends" (in other words: training students causes an interesting dynamic).
8. Friday afternoons. Don't they seem to take forever?
9. Exercise.
10. Lady Gaga. I am so tired of her constant performance. Just be authentic every once in a while. She's probably a very lovely person (and beautiful) as Stephanie (her real name) under all that "Lady Gaga" exterior. 

Okay, enough complaining. Here is how to turn around a day like today...

Step one: Spend some time alone when you first get home.
Step two:Read some Vanity Fair (nothing relaxes like reading about celebrities).
Step three: Put on your pajamas and slippers.
Step four:Laugh with your roommates.
Step five: Blog.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

House hunting

I have been house hunting this week. I am not ready to buy a house but for some reason I have the bug. I have been obsessed with pouring over the internet at the homes for sale around my area. I love the look of custom homes and old homes (for this week anyway), but I also love small homes and unusual homes.

Here are some gorgeous photos from MSN's real estate section of a "green" beach cottage:

I love houses because they always give me the idea of home. I pass one house after work everyday and it is gorgeous. Lots of windows, a big yard, and built in the 1920s. My favorite part is at night when all the lights are on and it just glows. The windows have no blinds and it looks so homey.

I blame my parents. They raised me to understand that a house is also a home where love, security, and safety reside. I have come to add the definitions of laughter and comfort as well. 

One of my favorite things is to drive around a look at houses, especially big houses. I love to tour model homes as well. Two weekends ago my sister and I went to Riverside to spend the weekend with my aunt and cousin and while we were there they showed us some very large, beautiful homes. We even toured one... 1.6 million dollars of one.

In addition, we trespassed walked around a house that has been halted in construction. I was terrified to go up the stairs and tour the second floor because there were no rails, but I overcame my anxiety and did it. I've never walked through a house that is in the middle of being built.

It was fun to imagine what it will look like when finished. The color of the carpet, the kitchen tile, the closet space, the paint, where the bed will go... all of it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow day jealousy.

All week I've been craving a snow day.

For so many reasons. For starters, work was insanely busy this week, thus the craving of wanting to be home in my favorite sweatshirt and reading. 

But mostly, I've been wanting a snow day because many of the bloggers I follow have been home dealing with the snow. 

Bloggers like... 

C.Jane who spent a day loving on her children, and

Nina who day dreams out the window, and

NieNie who enjoyed the snow with a gorgeous family photo shoot, and

P-Dub who was welcomed home by the beauty of the snow, and

Naomi who took this beautiful picture of the road in D.C., and 

Nat who walked the streets of snowy NYC with a stroller and adorable baby.   

On a more personal note, I've been wanting a snow day because my family and friends have been dealing with the snow. But, I must admit, they remind me it is definitely not all fun and games. The ice in Dallas has made for some dangerous conditions for my family there and being cooped up for days can get boring and make you stir crazy.

My bestie, Amy, posted pictures of her Chicago snow and they made me so happy!

How cute is she? On a side note, she and I just booked a weekend in Vegas together to celebrate our 25th birthdays!

Here is a picture my cousin, Vanessa, posted on our family Facebook wall. She is one of the cousins in Dallas dealing with the crazy ice.

Gorgeous, right? See why I want a snow day?

The best line of my week about the snow was from my cousin Katie (who also posted on the family FB wall). She lives in Florida and all week she's been saying, "we better stay in, with the snow all over the Midwest and all."