Thursday, January 13, 2011

Too Busy.

Dear Week,

It's Thursday and you have completely exhausted me. In fact, you exhausted me from the moment I woke up on January 3rd. There was no slow, welcoming, gradually starting my regular life. I was forced out of my "love being back home with nothing "important" to do" coma. I don't appreciate it. 

You have given me day after day of crazy deadlines, piles, organizing and too many e-mails to answer at work. Not to mention all the decisions to make while I'm there! Too many. Then, I get off at 5 just to begin the second half of my packed day, full of appointments, class, errands, making lunch, cooking dinner, and working out. That's right, week, I have now added working out to my packed schedule of events. I would blame my sister, but what's the use, I know she's right. Haven't you learned by now that all I like to do after 5 o'clock is sit and watch TV? I just want to zone, not be productive! 

Luckily, starting tomorrow evening, I'll be spending time with your worst enemy: weekend! I.Can't.Wait. It is the annual "avoid football playoffs and leave Dad at home" weekend with Mom and Ash. Newport, a hotel room, the ocean: it all never looked so good. 


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