Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mormon mommy bloggers

For quite awhile I have noticed a popularity of Mormon mommy blogs, I follow three and each time I go "blog exploring" I seem to find more. Finally, there is an article about it, which you should read. Of course, I found the article through C.Jane Enjoy It (a "Mormon mommy blogger," in fact, my favorite Mormon mommy blogger). The article discusses the popularity of these blogs and the picture of domestic life they paint.

The author of the article is a (self-proclaimed) atheist, single, feminist, career mid-twenties woman who finds herself drawn to these blogs. I can relate... except for the whole atheist thing, as I am a Christian, but... I too reads these blogs as a form of escape. These women paint such a lovely picture of marriage bliss and motherhood joy. They cause me to dream of that kind of life myself. Lately, especially, I have found myself get very envious. I wish I was at home raising kids and reading bedtime stories and watching TV with my hubby. Someday, I do believe this will happen.

The other thing these blogs cause me to wonder is why is there not a ton of popular Christian bloggers? If the Mormons can do it, why can't others? Just something to think about. Maybe I can help start the Christian blogger movement. I love my friend, Kacie's, blog partially because of her strong Christian writings.

Now, go read the article and then the "Mormon mommy blogs," in fact, today I found one more: Nat the Fat Rat. Here are my three favs: C.Jane, Nie Nie, and the Rockstar Diaries.

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