Monday, December 13, 2010

The house on Falcon

Last weekend my sister and I had quite the adventure. Actually, my whole weekend was an adventure, but this one with my sister takes the cake! Ashley and I were in Long Beach and while we were there we decided to go by our old house (we have two in LB, but one we remember much more than the other). Once my directionally talented sister got us to the right section of the street and we drove up and down it once, and then we found it! The house we lived at from '94-'96.

The house where we...
Played on the front porch before dinner.
Shared a room for a brief time. 
Created "Barbie city."
Had a small fire in the furnace and had to evacuate.
Watched Club Dance.
Had family movie nights were we charged our parents 50 cents and made popcorn.
Learned to love country music.
Made a lot of formative childhood memories.

So, here comes the real "adventure" part of the story... as we stared at the house, walked up to the house, took pictures of the house, and talked about the house, two men walked up the street with their dogs. I walked back to the car and Ashley said hello before also walking back to the car. When we turned around we realized it was their house! I nearly died of embarrassment since they completely saw us stalking their home! We hopped in the car, but weren't quite ready to leave, and before we knew it, one of then men waved us over and Ash bounded out of the car. (I, being the more cautious sister, locked the car and grabbed one of our cell phones just in case we had to call the cops... sorry, Mom!). He asked if we wanted to see the house and we said yes and then he let us come in! Craziness.

It was so unexpected and kind of awkward, but also wonderful and fun. We compared notes about the house and got a full tour. We ohh-ed and aww-ed about the changes they've made and I nearly cried when we talked about the neighbors (they were such a nice couple). It was too fun and a total God thing as far as timing goes. I mean really, when do you get invited into your old home?

It was all very much like the Miranda Lambert song "The House That Built Me." 

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nichol said...

I LOVE this story!